In the Youth of Our Fury: a Volume of Photo Essays by Margaret Zhang


In The Youth of Our Fury is Margaret Zhang’s first book project, commissioned by Eastland. Photographed over the course of several months at a range of distinctly Australian locations, Zhang built twelve visual essays addressing the range of pressures and challenges faced by members of today’s rapidly shifting social landscape.

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“I often wonder whether the world is, in fact, teetering on the precipice of chaos, or if I simply have greater access (and so am paying more attention) to the socioeconomic and political spheres than I did a decade ago. To the former, I’m told that the human race today is in a better place than it has ever been. You have it so easy now, my predecessors exclaim – you should have seen what we had to deal with in our day. In a factual frame of reference, it certainly appears to be so. Our globalised society boasts social norms, quality of life and rights of the individual that are slowly but surely approaching some universal, moral nirvana. Yet, the standard of those success criteria by which we measure performance of human history should surely (surely) evolve alongside our infinitely subdividing discoveries, channels of communication, distinguishable minority groups and associated prejudices…”

– excerpt from Foreword, In the Youth of Our Fury