This is not Bikini Bottom

iOS 7 ‘Moments’ from an Easter long weekend spent keeping it real. Because, let’s be honest: when I drag myself out of the ocean, I do not look like Jess Gomes. And this is not Sports Illustrated.

A Farfetched Story

Being Generation Y, a hybrid of bricks-and-mortar and online retail is the ideal situation – the degree of #FOMO is just too high when on foot in physical stores, and the dollar bills are not yet so free-flowing that we can #YOLO our way through every quirky boutique in London.

Wheels Exchange

Fashion Month costs most of us hundreds of dollars in the most trivial matters.

Arco della Pace

The day after I had a whine about Milano’s dreary weather, the grey cleared up and we had the most glorious 15 Celcius morning – much to my relief, given that I was in full-fledged Italian bare legs and shoulders for a Vogue Sposa shoot, 8:15am sharp.


In the same way that dirty snow heaped along West Village sidewalks is undoubtedly a little charming, tying one’s dress to oneself and covering the bulk with a roomy trench is no less impractical.