Take off

I’ve just landed in LA for work for the next couple of days before Alex and I head to NY for a little more work, followed by ice cold down time until 2015 rolls around.

Quelqu’un m’a dit

No matter where I’m living in ten years time, I will have these French floorboards. And a view of Paris as charming as this balcony’s.

Oh, Jac(k)

lounge |laʊn(d)ʒ| verb [ no obj., with adverbial of place ] lie, sit, or stand in a relaxed way.

Tous les Jours

There’s something beautiful about breeding the ultimate exclusive with the completely accessible.

Comme d’habitude

It seems otherworldly that walking home from the news stand, sitting in four o’clock traffic, sweating on the Metro and staring out the window at the same tree-lined intersection could never get boring. And that’s coming from somebody who finds it necessary to jump between a trillion different interests on a daily basis just to stay sane.

C’est parti

A quiet, echoing Louvre to yourself, save a couple of security guards, is a spine-tingling thing. Vive la France.