Oh, Jil

I’m of the firm belief that, regardless of any social stigmas attached to the likes office dresses with clacking kitten wedges, or perhaps accidental Asian hipsters, there is a way of taking inspiration from everyday subway-riders and parade it on the hottest day of the year.

Pyjama Party

Beyond what Carine tells us to do, does a designer dollar sign sometimes sway us in favour of buying a product because it must be a good look to wear, rather than deterring the purchase because it’s expensive?

My pyjama pants don’t care.

This is LOVE

A few weeks ago, I was the only dork on set pinching myself to be working with some of our most celebrated artists, and a fresh new face from IMG by the name of Erin who is set to impress Riccardo Tisci, because if you’re not getting Givenchy vibes from this bone structure, you’re on the wrong planet.

Riccardo, take note.

Flora Botanica

The first thing that comes to mind when a brief says ‘floral story’, is Miranda Priestly.

Not for ELLE.com…

Polar Vortex

Back in the dead of NYC’s polar vortex in February, Stuart Weitzman had surpassed my favourite leathers as pants of the moment.

Natural Habitat

Despite this space being so much about a career, a closet, a technological addiction, and traveling to big cities on big jet planes, it’s a good idea to get out once in a while, and find some appreciation for what a lot of people are forgetting to protect – that is, themselves, and our natural habitat.