I’ve Been Thinking About What You Look Like

What if a chance encounter with a faceless stranger on an empty chatroom is the chance encounter to end all encounters?

How Do You Like Your Eggs?

A rural utopia, residence to a heady mix of artists, caught in a wash of 1952. And the new girl – who’s she?

All About Soy

A short piece I directed for NOWNESS with my inimitable friend and veracious soy milk connoisseur, Fernanda Ly.

Growth Stories and The Youth Of Our Fury

I recorded the voiceover for this under a blanket in the closet at The Standard on Sunset Boulevard.

To Mom With Love

Directing Yara Shahidi and her mother, Keri, made for one of the most intellectually stimulating shoot days I’ve had to date.

Just a Moment

In sitting back, you notice the smallest things between people: a sense of what might have just happened, or is about to happen.

A new short for Tiffany & Co.