The closer I come to my 23rd birthday, the more eagerly I embrace being absolutely barefaced and beaten up around the edges.




P.S. Have any of you fellow photographers tried mirrorless cameras before? I’ve just started experimenting with one to avoid having to cart my DSLR around. These shots are Experiment 1.0.

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  • Pia Hocevar Mucic

    these shots are lovely! I enjoyed reading the article! I also gave up on nail polish, especially on my hands! it just doesn’t stay pretty for more than a couple of hours :(

    Fash ‘n’ fudge

    Fash ‘n’ fudge

  • That bomber is supe cute!

    Today on the blog I show my new independent designer Sunglasses…last trend of the year! ;)
    Kisses from http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com

  • Elena Holl

    Oh those photos are absolutely AMAZING! I am sooo obsessed with the bomber and the gucci shoes! <3

  • Beautiful pictires! Sososso beautiful! And those shoes… aaa!



  • Very awesome post! Love your honest words about fashion and beauty as well as you look!

  • Yobella Gabriel

    Your outfit is super rad! Got this bad girl persona going around!


    Blog || Instagram

  • Myla

    Mirrorless cameras are awesome. I use the sonyalpha7ii and loving it.

  • Beautiful shots! :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • Lovely shots, so gorgeous, happy birthday in advance! Mirrorless cameras ftw! But its so hard to take a self shot with it! Any tips?



  • Firstly, a very happy birthday in advance! You must celebrate on the plane with at least a glass of champagne, it is after all still you early 20’s (as a fellow early 20’s girl, I encourage the day/night/not knowing what time it is drinking on your birthday).

    Secondly, I love that you can pull of your hair that way – I too cannot master the art of painting my nails, I bite my under lip from concentration or stress all too regularly regardless of the fact that I have 2 Vaselines in my bag, but what do you do other than put your ripped jeans and bomber on and get on with it! Love your style!

    Also – these shots look beautiful, I would love to try a mirrorless camera!

  • Luke Ross

    That light is the dream!!!


  • Just bought a mirrorless cam (fujifilm) few weeks ago and is impressed by how it delivers and perform! I often travel with my slr but it’s too bulky and heavy to carry unlike the mirrorless ones! So easy to carry and use and put in your small bag without hassle! x


  • Marta Sierra Marti

    I wish you a happy birthday in advance!! Love your very unique way of writing!


  • These photos are amazing and so is the outfit. You should check out Fujifilm’s mirrorless cameras! They take great quality pictures. x


  • ooh i’ve been wanting to try the sony mirrorless but they’re pricey so i’m trying to still justify my canon mark iii purchase ha. the dynamic range on them is amazing! would love to see a future post on your thoughts on the olympus and why you picked it over other options on the market?


  • Elle

    Fujifilm X Series, Marg. They look kickass, deliver time and time again, look classy AF and cuts the track weight by half. What more can you ask for? Almost 2 years laters and its now become a question of “DSLR WHO?” I do more reportage than fashion but I reckon you’ll get the similar ace results !

    • Elle

      Doh! I mean *Travel !

  • Go Sony or Fuji! They’re both amazing cameras depending on your needs. I use Sony for all my professional stuff and Fuji for day-to-day use. :)


  • Love that jacket, and the light…



  • You’ll always be a style icon for me, but not in the sense that I see myself dressing like you. It’s your point of view and unrelenting way of owning all that you like. Another amazing post; happy early birthday <3


  • I think you’ll do a great job no matter what equipment you get your hands on, Margaret! Love these! <3


  • viktoria



  • I can’t believe that you are turning just 23!!! And you have such a successful career?! I really admire you.

    The Row opens a House of Luxury in NYC || Discover in my latest post the retail dream from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.


  • I use an Olympus E-M1. Love it, size and weight-wise it’s fantastic. There’s a heap of freedom with focus and I got used to the EVF pretty quickly. I came from a Canon 6D and miss two things – low light sensitivity (but I get over it), and thin depth of field (…who needs it right…?)

    As an aside: I can’t believe you manage all this stunning work, publishing, jet setting around on your own. You’re amazing!

  • I can’t believe you’re just 23 Margaret! You’re an inspiring to young and old. Keep doing what you’re doing dear <3

  • George

    Happy birthday Margaret! I wish you the best in ypur life. Xx

  • 常来看看,受益匪浅。

  • sophie rice

    Happy Birthday Margaret! Love your photography and can’t wait for your book! I shoot with an Olympus OMD E-Mark 10 and love it, and these pictures are pure inspiration x

  • Lovey Fleming

    You’re one of the coolest people I’ve never met :) Happiest birthday to the baddest babe on the internet~


  • Love this post Margaret! Happy birthday!

    xx Jiawa

    Beige Renegade

  • Sasha Mei

    Question: I am Asian and have very silky smooth hair. How can I make it look more dishevelled Margaret! Your hair is exactly what I aspire to have mine look like!

    xx Sasha


  • Kamil Kopeć



  • Cheers to you Margaret for the lovely writing!



  • Bernadette Mira

    Hey Margaret, lovely post! I did a recent blog post about you on Garment to Gourmet. I hope you can check it out. Thank you for being so inspiring. Best wishes!


  • chlsj0

    I feel ya. It seems the older I get the less bother I put into my appearance. As long as you’re clean and put together with your character showing through!

  • Joy

    “No matter how much water I drink, or how much Lucas’ Papaw Ointment I accidentally consume in my application efforts, my bottom lip is constantly peeling from biting in times of intense concentration.”

    Me too, haha


  • fixatedfaiyaz

    I’m sure you’ll still take amazing photos no matter what camera you use. I kind of like this experiment, totally fits the whole dirtbag 90s grunge feel :p Hope you had an amazing birthday!

    xx Faiyaz

  • Barefaced, peeling lips, unpainted nails. But instead of looking chic, people ask me if I’m sick all the time :’D How do you do your hair?? My hair’s too thin/ straight/ smooth to style up as cool as yours!!

  • Priscillia Okpan

    Can we all take a moment and appreciate the fact that this lady has little or no makeup on but she still looks sooo good!
    ^.^ Darm Margaret!


  • My fiance and I were just talking about mirrorless cameras! Would love to hear more about your experience with it. Love the photos, as always!


  • Wanda C.

    I have the Olympus Pen E-PL7 and love it! Haven’t had a chance to purchase any additional lens yet, but the photos are amazing with just the regular lens it came with. I got the white version, which makes it a sleek and an adorable looking camera. I love the compact size and take it with me whenever I don’t feel like lugging my DSLR around.

  • The DREAMER.

    I have the same question about mirrorless cameras. Actually I need to know if it’s worth to buy a mirrorless instead of a full frame DSRL

  • 看看您的博客!

  • Moa Emilia

    You get me so inspired. Thank you!

  • I just love your writing voice. I can’t get enough!

  • Damn girl…. love your style

  • lindsay green

    I have fallen in love with this outfit

  • Mannerly lik Z

    Great post! Listen yourself and stay unique. xx, Z


  • Rachele Edson

    Love your work as always Margaret – re. the mirrorless camera – My boyfriend has taken up photography (yay) and is finally helping with my blog. He’s invested in a Sony A6000 with 50mm lens and it’s incredible… you get that awesome aperture even using auto mode and the moving focus tracking is incredible – I took it to MBFWA for runway photos (soon to be on the blog). It’s extremely fast in terms of processing – writes to memory card quickly after taking a bunch of shots at high speed. These are some of our first shots using it and neither of us can really photoshop/edit very well but I still think the camera did most of the work. Very compact and travel-friendly. http://www.racheleedson.com/2016/02/the-new-crop.html Hope this helps! Rachele x

  • Happy birthday.

  • Alexandra Marie

    Absolutely stunning as usual! I took about a hundred years deciding on my camera for the very same reason. I ended up settling on an Olympus E-M10 mirrorless rather than a DSLR because those are just SO bulky, and I absolutely love it – great image quality with plenty of room to play around with settings, and they’ve still got heaps of interchangeable lens options. I’m not going to pretend to be a photography expert and I’m sure your capable hands would be able to do even better, but I’ve been really happy with it! If it’s helpful, these are some shots I took at the Zhivago MBFWA show that I blogged without editing: http://www.theamedit.com/2016/05/zhivago-mbfwa-mercedes-benz-fashion.html. I’d love to see how more of your work with the mirrorless comes out! x Alexandra

  • Seyi Salako

    Your Pictures are truly amaing

  • #sadboys2004

    traded in my Canon 6D for the Sony A7R2 and the difference is truly substantial. Definitely worth looking into.

  • Mirrorless is the business – top notch photos without the bulk. I shoot with the Panasonic Lumix GX7, mainly with the 20mm prime and it certainly does the trick and has a retro vibe, which makes it the perfect accidental accessory.

  • Martina Červenková

    I switched my DSLR for a Fuji X-Pro a year ago and couldn’t be happier. Small, fast, great picture quality, no unnecessary menu options I never use. Maybe not so much for video but it’s not terrible.

  • Irena Shchupak

    I do sympathize with the everything-simple trend, but I loved your hair the way it was before, because your facial features and face shape are lovely. the japanese warrior look was my favorite so far.:)


  • Humairaa Bulbul

    does anyone know what mirroless camera she is using?

  • A. Carnevale

    That jacket is everything!

  • Lux Designer Shoes

    Fantastically played shoes! pulls the whole outfit together. XO




  • Fashion Mixologist

    Love the jacket with the silver stripe.


  • love your hair cut. i want that jacket badly. where can i buy this.?


  • Serena

    I love this post, your style of writing is so beautiful and real.


  • Crack the Code Style

    I love your fresh look. You are still young and natural.
    Great bomber jacket and love your Gucci block heel.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Sinestezic

    Absolutely love it.

    Andrei from Sinestezic

  • LOVE those Gucci shoes! and that new cut looks so good on you!


  • Lucie Colomb

    wow I love this Jacket !! It will go so good with my side strips pants.
    Like those http://www.shiva-styles.com/index.php/2017/02/20/pants-with-side-stripe/

  • neha goyal

    This blog is really wonderful. I liked it. Thank you for sharing it.


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