On set of a shoot at the end of last week, the journalist dispatched to question me about my style, my style, my style and my style, asked after each look: “So where would you wear this outfit?”.

“To buy groceries.”



  • I definitely agree with all of this, Margaret. Building a wardrobe of pieces that highlight our personality feels great day in and day out.

    Kosta // Cool Gear Cavalier

  • Love these Gucci outfits! And I completely agree with you — we make the outfits, the outfits don’t make us ;)
    xo, coco |

  • Stunning outfits plenty of personality.

    Don’t miss today my urban-chic outfit mixing opposed styles…and wearing for the first time my new retro-vintage pumps ! ;)
    Kisses from

  • Totally agree with your point about dressing for yourself! Love the Gucci pieces.


  • fixatedfaiyaz

    Hahaha “half baked trend reports” – MZ keeping it real as always. Love and agree with everything you said here. Brb gonna go buy groceries in my Gucci suit.

    Xx Faiyaz

  • I totally agree. I always try to focus on the person when I shoot and if I can make them comfortable, that’ll reflect on how they wear the garment. Zhang, I picked up a camera because of you. You continue to remain my telepathic mentor ?????

  • I’m not going to lie, I am one of those people that have fallen for the whole ‘clothing for a specific occasion’ ordeal before but more recently as I’ve understood how clothing is an extension of oneself. I’ve always know that clothing can be a physical way of displaying your own personality, but by just putting it bluntly, saying that you’d wear the outfit to the grocery store makes me think a little more. And looking at it that way means we can all but those Proenza slides. I usually see some sneakers or slides in a store with a hefty tag and think ‘why would I buy that when I can buy heels that are more suited for that special occasion’ but thinking about it more so in what reflects my own self (beyond how I already reflect on it) is quite interesting, and surprisingly makes me feel lighter.

    Just an observation about myself, I suppose. It’s nice seeing articles that can challenge myself, but also a variety that I can agree with, makes things interesting.

  • mcboodles

    There is never a wrong time to look your best!


    Yeah you keep it real, girl! Love this outfit!

    xx, Chloe //

  • Liv

    Lovely photos!


  • The power of what you wear on how you feel and act was beautifully put into words! “The simple fact that something as minor as a shade, size or hardware can so immediately impact the way you walk, what you feel like eating for breakfast, or how aggressively you react to road rage, is surely a measure of that.” The strong images conjured from your simple words always amaze me.

    When I was asked why don’t I just re-wear a dress to a particular event, it’s not because I don’t want to be seen in the same thing again, it’s the feeling of wearing something new and different. That feeling makes you act with a new confidence, it makes you feel not only different… but new.

    I always love how you challenge these journalists’ views, just giving it to them straight as it is.

  • I would love to wear any of those looks for a trip to the market :)

  • Tom Maxwell

    Amazing dress-up style & collection…. you can promote your products by using banner printing, vinyl banners…. thanks for sharing!!!

  • That Gucci bomber<3

    Shall We Sasa

  • It’s amazing to read that one of my role models shares such similar views – Clothing is anything but just cloth, it’s a form of expression, something we use to tell the world who we are. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t feel or act differently when I was in track pants versus a suit versus a ball gown – all in all, I still find that what I choose to wear seems to open up a different side of my personality, it’s amazing that the clothes we take with us on our journey, take us on a journey too, even if it is just to the grocery store.


  • In love with with these three looks, wish you posted more of these!

    Agnes x


  • Sara Kocic

    I am literally in love with this shooting and all outfits. Where can I find more of this shooting in Milan? Or these are the only photos published? xo


    I really like the first photo. I also agree with your view on style and fashion. Fashion should be fun and a form of self-expression. It also should empower you. It’s not about dressing up for a special occasion.

  • Fashion will and should always represent our personality. Irregardless of occasion. <3

    I love that Gucci Green Bomber! :)


  • Lovey Fleming

    Stunning. You’ve got such killer style and a natural model eye~

  • Well said! Great post as always =)

  • This is so true! Clothing selection and taste is so much more than just for use at a specific event. Couldn’t agree more with you.


    Beige Renegade

  • Pip Addis

    I have always annoyed anyone I take grocery shopping with me because I always was dressed up and with heels on. LOL! You look amazing and I love your style and your blog!

    My Blog: Pip Addis

  • That Gucci green bomber is GORGEOUS!



  • I don’t think I buy clothes for particular occasions, more for their versatility and practicality (to an extent). Or sometimes, just because I want it. I agree that an outfit doesn’t fit a specific MO – it is just compiled based on what you feel like wearing.


  • those jackets are die for! xo

    Daniel x

    The Daniel Originals | Instagram: danielpoonvignez

    New Post: Oversized grey coat for spring

  • I like your answer to the journalist. It reminds me of a scene from Friends TV series, when all the girls sat in the wedding gowns while dish washing and watching the telly. Since I have seen this picture for the first time, I knew that enjoying fashion does not have to be attached only to life events. It is up to us, how we see it. And so, as I go through life, I like to wear my fancy clothes when I’m alone at home or otw to groceries. At the end, fashion for me is not to show off, but to feel beautiful.
    Have a good weekend ;)

  • Love the read and your outfits, so amazing! Your work is already a super cool social life, I guess that can make do, and definitely allows excessive dress up (:


  • love this GUCCI collection

  • I’m not going to say the other way around: I used to be that girl buying clothes and mostly dress only for a special occasion. Indeed, when no occasion was presenting itself, it was a shame to buy a piece of clothe – student life. However, as soon as I realied that clothes are an extension of your personality, and that they surey express your feelings – morning or night feeling of the moment – something triggers. Reading your post, I laught when you said you would wear this outfit to the grocery store, and I totally get it. I mean, why would prevent yourself from wearing whatever you feel good in, and by extension, the perfect attire you want to rock on a day, because you’re going to the groceries store? Does people expect you to go out and conform your style to the others’ – which actually is reminding me that everyone is expecting women to go out wearing Uggs to the groceries stores. It doesn’t have to be like that and you expressed it so well ) clothes are reflecting your inner personnality, and that’s the reason why I’m so interested in this personae. It reflects my own self, and it doesn’t matter what people around think. Mostly, and surprisingly, after reading this piece, I do feel lighter. I know I’m not the only one.

  • Keeping it real Margaret. Love it. HAHA I wonder what it’d be like to meet you in person, you seem so down to earth on the inside.


  • i like Gucci brand and also i like its stuff.

  • I always wear whatever I want, and feel good in it, so what is the point of wondering what would anyone wear anytime? I love the way weirdness embraces , so let it go !

  • “No, probably just Whole Foods”…SAME. Sometimes people ask where I just came from and i just reply, ‘school’. No one needs an occasion to dress up (or dress down). Everyday is a day worthy of a nice ensemble. Atlas thats the way I see it.

  • izlenenradyo

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    Great photos follow

  • izlenenradyo

    World,turkey and alaçatı..
    Great photos..

  • viktoria


  • As a person who has been asked repeatedly where am I heading to can’t agree with you more!

  • ofri

    Dear Margaret.

    My name is Ofri and i’m the founder of the Instagram page @spotlighttime.

    Spotlight time is all about young fashion designers from all over the world.

    Please take a look. I’m sure you will love it.

    You are amazing and keep it up!



  • Luke Ross

    Hit the nail on the head!

  • Tea

    ur blog is awesome dear. i wish you chould check out mine too :
    keep being awesome

  • Catherine Xiang

    Ah your posts are always amazing Margaret! And I can’t agree more – clothing is more about how it makes you feel rather than pinning it to a “brunch with girlfriends” board. Sending you love!

  • alyssa amato

    This is such an amazing piece. I whole notion of clothing for a specific occasion is such a thought used by many publications. I agree with the fact you can wear just about anything and it doesn’t have to be for a specific event. I love the way you write and your outfits are beyond stunning! xx

  • Shanah

    Amazing storyline about what you wear, I am the same sometimes I wear sweat pants on my date it shouldn’t matter what you wear but how you wear it and put it together as long as your confident in what you wear. xoxo


    It is just a total WOW moment when I first saw it on your instagram :

  • You look so good in Gucci! And congrats with your shoot for ELLE Singapore!
    I love how fare you came in your career and how you still surprise us every time with gorgeous pictures.

    Barbara I

  • Alexandra Marie

    This is so perfectly true, I love it! I’ve been running between work, uni and fashion week all week and for every class I came to in between shows I had to answer “why are you so dressed up?” like it was silly not to turn up to uni in sweats and sneakers. At the end of the day I feel like it really shouldn’t matter, and there’s no reason to have to answer for it – if I love what I’m wearing and feel great in it, that’s what’s important. When you’re juggling a million things at once it’s not easy to be occasion specific! Thanks for making it feel normal x

  • Caroline Kusch

    you`ve got an amazing style! <3

  • Love your work and the message of this post.

    The Modern Alice

  • Preparadas Listas YA
  • Preparadas Listas YA
  • Joy

    Love embroidered details.

  • I love your point of view. My girlfriends always say that they need to go shopping for an outfit for this or that particular event. I’m like, why can’t we just go shopping in general? If you attach an outfit to any one event, it would seem too dressy/ casual for another and you won’t wear it as much!! Wear whatever you feel like whenever you want!

  • You was writing this in Italy. WOW, amazing.

  • Your writing style is amazing. And I love that you dress for yourself.

    Also I seriously need your wardrobe. ASAP.

  • neha goyal

    Collection of dresses over here is absolutely great.


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