Run, Jodi, Run

New stills and motion campaign work of our Aussie silver-screen sweetheart, Jodi Gordon.


At this point, it’s no news that I’ve been on that cross-continental rat race hustle for the past couple of months with a lot of time spent in studios, boardrooms, and airport lounges, crouched over my laptop in hotel rooms and Starbucks between meetings about the next job, and the next, and the next, and the next. Don’t get me wrong, I’m stoked to be working so much (with so much to come), but as far as Shine By Three and @margaret__zhang are currently tracking, I do feel a bit like I’m suddenly dumping editorial after campaign after other-miscellaneous-project on you all in breathless succession, due to some knee-jerk necessity to share the minute work goes public. (Basically, I promise photographic proof that I’m actually alive and well, even if I’m wearing the same outfit everyday because I’ve run out of clean clothes in my suitcase, is coming soon).

To that, I often find that the instantaneous gratification of social media, coupled with direct-to-consumer smartphone content requiring significantly less production value for significantly more hits and the ongoing availability of apps that will do just about anything, has clouded the true value of a lot of creative work in the present industry landscape. Sure, anyone with a laptop can do a half-baked and ill-informed job of constructing a creative treatment, retouching an image, preparing a report or writing a digital strategy, but the real work and real results take infinitely more hours than most people on the receiving end are willing to acknowledge. Alas, the recurring response to attempted explanations of time investment is to turn a blind eye to the work at hand: “Well, that’s your choice, isn’t it?“.

Motion is always a difficult one to quantify. There are so many more measures required to reach the same degree of polish as a stills campaign. What looks like a Hollywood budget will actually only cover the baseline equipment. Hundreds of collective hours might be poured into three minutes of commercial footage, for an “oh cool” from a passing consumer, and a “that’s cute” from a client on release – and yet is professionally satisfying in the challenge alone and the reward of just one consumer engaging with the storyline or lifestyle dimension



being value-added to the product itself. In that regard, I’m so incredibly proud of the thirty-plus cast and crew I worked with on directing the brand film that accompanied these campaign stills for Australian silver-screen sweetheart Jodi Gordon’s new bag collection for Mon Purse. After four hours of punching out stills in the later afternoon heat of Blacktown, we did indeed embark on twelve hours of shooting scenes until the wee hours of the morning. Not one person complained about the impossible amount of filming to get through, or limited breaks, or even inevitable micro-sleeping at the wheel on the long drive home after all was said and done. The fire, work ethic, attention to detail, and clockwork efficiency on set was so refreshing to be a part of in the context of the project. Jodi, in particular, rose to the occasion and remained in high spirits and unbreakable character through to the very last drone shot. Hats off to you, JG. All my respect for your stamina and complete emotional immersion in the project.

Last night in Sydney, our motion passion project screened against all odds (and bloody hell there were odds). But passion and hard work reigns supreme in the end.

And my office CCTV footage will run and tell that.










  • Helen

    You should totally be proud of this one! I feel like these are probably the most editorial-Y (not super comemrcial) photos I’ve seen of Jodi Gordon and I’m sure everyone involved super loved all your work on it!!!! The brand film is really cheeky and not too serious which is nice to see!!! Well done as usual!!!

  • Ghiacart89



    I’m not in your realm of consulting but face the same problems w clients thinking that my reports and graphs and excel spreadsheets just materialize overnight lol.

    Anyway, love the first pic the most and the first scene of the film

  • Brian Siambi™

    Lovely work Margaret and the team, I love how passionate you are with your craft and totally agree where you said with the instant gratification of social media apps these days creators don’t put much effort in to taking time and working out a concept to make it succeed. Keep inspiring!

  • love these photos!


  • Love black and white outfits. Last dress is amazing!

    Don’t miss today my Urban-Chic outfit…wearing for the first time a very comfy luxury pair of pumps! ;)
    ❤ Kisses from

  • Well I for one do not mind you dumping your editorial shoots here or anywhere! You’re doing a great job Margaret and following you chase your dreams is nothing but inspiring!

  • Martina Manolcheva

    Great collection! The last dress looks awesome!

  • wow! Love every single look especially the last one:P

    Shall We Sasa

  • Lovely shots Margaret!

    Agnes x


  • These are all so amazing!! Totally love that first shot!


  • Shloka Narang

    As a former film student, you are preaching to the choir. What seems like a massive budget is actually tiny, what seems like a lot of time, is never enough – you’ve got to keep going and keep pushing till the very last ‘cut’ and hope that when you say ‘that’s a wrap’ you’ve got it all! By the looks of it, you really did – What a gorgeous, yet thought provoking film you managed to create. The bags are all of course beautiful, but the hard work and time involved to make it is clearly evident. You’re truly a role mode – there isn’t anything you can’t do! Kudos, because although you are right, that it is easy to make half there content today in an overly saturated environment, it’s the content that has required all the hard work that shines through!

    Well done!


  • Carlos Rodríguez

    I like your photos. They are better everyday… You´re inspire me, Margaret!

    Regards from Ecuador.

  • Lovey Fleming

    You have an amazing conceptual eye! I adore the film, message, production, and clothes. What a brilliant project~

  • This post is epic! Follow me to win a chanel bag :P MY second giveaway!

  • I like Jodi, the outfits she’s wearing are so trendy and sexy, I don’t mind to have them all. Your photography and styling are the best, I am glued to scrutinise each one. Great work Margaret!

  • those shoots are amazing! Great job Margaret!

    Daniel x

    The Daniel Originals | Instagram: danielpoonvignez

    New Post: Coachella inspired look

  • The photos are soooo amazing!! Love the concept, you’re so great!


  • George

    Loved the article and the pictures, but don’t exhaust yourself at work too much!

  • Carlos Rodríguez

    Hi Margaret.
    I´m a fan of your work.

  • Every single time I enjoy reading your blog posts!
    You really one of my favorite influencers out there.
    You should know that you do a great job and inspire a lot of people!

    Barbara Baccaert

  • viktoria
  • Truly amazing and inspiring photography! Worth every second of your hard work. Thank you for sharing everything with us :)


  • As a fellow lover of photogaphy and creative work, and blogger essentially, I can’t believe how every single time I’m coming through your (amazing) web space, some creative work of yours amazed me even more. Last but not least, you’re a constant inspiration and I guess that’s why work is coming right to you. Your work is one of my favorite. That being said, I have to say this campaign is beyond words expressed, but should I say there’s something quite remarquable. Why? Jodi running in 12 inch heels is kind of awesome and never seen. Amazing work (and if you’re tired of the word amazing, I can’t be sorry, it’s true!) x

  • that model tho… looove the first dress, and you are my biggest inspiration for photography!

  • izlenenradyo

    World,turkey and alaçatı..
    Great photos follow me..

  • Such a beautiful film and shoot Margaret! Your work ethic is so incredibly inspiring to me. Amazing.


    Beige Renegade

  • Sonia Barnett

    Bit of tension in Jodhi’s neck in two shots but otherwise some dynamic work

  • Margaret I absolutely love the way you wrote this post. Images stunning as always. Favourite part was this: Hundreds of collective hours might be poured into three minutes of commercial footage, for an “oh cool” from a passing consumer, and a “that’s cute” from a client on release – and yet is professionally satisfying in the challenge alone and the reward of just one consumer engaging with the storyline or lifestyle dimension. Thanks for creating inspiring content as always X

  • msmayuri

    Jodi and her step groupies getting together for some fun! Step, Dive, Jump, Run!!! (Step is all 32 count and self reversing)


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