To loaf is Parisian

– Victor Hugo.




declared – “Having to run to a different place for every bloody food group and then everything else is not as Amélie as you’d think.” Fair. But work in Paris never feels like work – every show and showroom is in a more awe-inspiring location than the last. Paris’ blue shadows and yellow lights after dark make heady late nights working from your windowsill quietly poetic. Brutally early call times for shoots and meetings are softened by sunrise along the Seine – one of those tear-inducing sights to be absorbed in solitude with the stupidly cliché strains of an accordion puncturing your imagination.

You really can lock yourself up in a romantic sepia bubble, only allowing yourself to be rudely awakened to deal with logistical nightmares like the entire arrondissement surrounding your photo studio for the day being blocked off for a marathon, or traffic. Dear god the traffic. Fortunately, the car I had while I was in town was a practical Lexus with the most generously proportioned sunroof I’ve ever seen, so I spent most of my time (and I probably did clock more time stationary in traffic than I did at actual appointments) dividing my attention between my laptop and 18th century architecture and amber Autumn leaves rushing (or crawling) overhead.

Further to all that alternate reality of black and white French cinema, Paris Fashion Week really is its own beast. With the exception of breakout design talent or seismic shifts in old fashion houses (everyone had basically been holding their breath for Alessandro Michele’s next round of Gucci since Givenchy’s set and sentiment knocked us out in New York), Paris is essentially where the innovation happens. Nicolas Ghesquière, Raf Simons, Sarah Burton, Rick Owens… (and now perhaps Demna Gvasalia, is Kering has now decreed). That, and the shows are shows – performances with stories – rather than the expressionless up and down of sterile lighting.

Only Proenza Schouler gets away with that – their collections speak for themselves.

dome interior) with new age Victorian undergarments and futuristic ceramic talismans.

Further to the spectacle, Paris collections are truly international, and so increasingly seasonless. Unlike US-centric brands who, for a range of import-export tax handicaps, remain firmly focused on what safe pattern repeats will least freak out their loyal but conservative consumers, in Paris, there’s a market for furs and silks alike. Most of the Asian and Middle Eastern press and buyers I spoke to over the week admitted that they never bothered with New York, London or Milan – the grandeur of Paris was the one that spoke to their readers and clients.

For similar reasons, Delpozo, their comms team explained, will continue to show in New York for the press, and run their showroom in Paris for market, even with industry wondering every season when they’ll make the move to showing in Europe. In New York, they’re the standout that everybody looks forward to (alongside Proenza and probably Marc Jacobs).

So Paris, it seems, embodies both realms of cold hard commerce (plus a little leverage for fragrances and accessories while we’re at it), and the oft other-worldly realisations of genius minds that feed the soul and remind those who care why we put ourselves through this minefield of an industry, rather than admiring from safety afar. Sure, my brother is always the first to remind me in times of work-related hysteria that fashion isn’t saving any lives. Touché. But it does create beautiful things. Paris creates beautiful things.

More on that later.

For now, here are a few PFW highlights for your visual appetite, with more folders of moment HERE. There are plenty more dedicated show posts to come once I’m done with this Media Law essay, kids!




  • mcboodles

    “Paris creates beautiful things” So does Zhang! Good luck with that media law essay, I’m off to loaf like a chic Parisian

  • Absolutely adore the light in all your photographs! Definitely agree that Australia is one the nicest places to reside in, minus that one racist person. P.s. That Lexus sunroof reminds me a bit of the Jurassic Park 4WD. :P All the best with the essay!

  • Fei

    Such a beautiful post. I admire your work and humbleness so much Margaret. X

  • Laura Montilla

    Such cool and complete post! I couldn’t help but reading it from up to down!

    By the way, I just updated my blog talking about flat shoes, for going chic and comfy in our everyday life this season. Take a look at it if you have a moment ;)

  • Love all your look<3

    Shall We Sasa

  • “Work in Paris never feels like work… Paris creates beautiful things”.

    This, Margaret, is why I continue to live vicariously through your ever-fashionable endeavours whilst I continue to navigate through the wonderful world of commercial law (which definitely *does* feel like work – *sigh*).

    Jasmine x

  • Stephanie

    Wow! That is such an amazing picture that I ever seen! First, you look so fashionable and know how to dressed up like a parisian and second, I love the Chanel show photos. Super love it! Keep inspiring dear ;)

  • Margharet, your photography is beyond this world amazing. None compares. I love love love it

  • fixatedfaiyaz

    Oh Paris? More like Oh Margaret. On point as always! You’ve described Paris exactly the way I feel for it as well. Fashion week was so magical and it was so great meeting you too!

    xx Faiyaz

  • Shivan Patel (Gathum)

    cant wait to go to paris next year will be my first time !! any good eating spots ? :P

    thanks for a great read.

    feel free to check me out on

    something i shot recently :)


  • Lovey Fleming

    Can I please go with you! Magical


  • Cristina Feather

    I love your writing as much as I do your photos! You really know how to take us there, with you. And that, my friend, is called talent.

  • Your article was such a dreamy read, your PFW coverage is amazing!

  • Always a wonderful read!

  • Rebecca BloggerNOTBillionaire

    Margaret if I could only choose one medium through which to experience Fashion week from afar it would be through you. Thank you for your stunning photography, contemplative thought and beautiful prose.


  • I’m literally stunned and speechless! BRAVA Margaret!


    These pictures are so lovely! Inspiring post!

  • so gorgeous!!

  • all those fashion show invites!
    Plus that first outfit has got me dying!!

  • This seems awesome! I can’t imagine what it would feel like to work in Paris haha and while ready I was even thinking “I wonder if sitting in traffic in Paris is similar to sitting in traffic here in Toronto!?” hahaha I doubt it. Great Post Margaret.

  • Everything about this post is simply sublime. Very gorgeous photography but that was expected!


  • jovana citic

    I’m so inspired by your writings, and I’m trying to look up to you for my blog. You have so much energy, and you really are fashion bomb!

  • Great pics! Thanks for sharing!

    Kisses from


  • So many incredible adventures, how beautiful was the Dior show! I love the fashion month, exploring new cities but I still have Sydney on my list, sounds and looks like an amazing place! Sorry to hear your time in London wasnt too good, i love living in this city but it takes time to get used to it and the weather doesn’t help : ) Xx

  • Oh, wow this is perfect! I love the pictures and the content.


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  • nathalie

    Experiencing fashion week truly sounds magical

  • You’re so right. I’ve been to Paris countless times but still the magic is there!

    Love the photos as always Margaret!

  • Kemi

    You have such great style and you take amazing photos! Btw fashion bloggers this season isn’t the same without you :(

  • Wow I always enjoy your reading, and needless to say, your photos. You’re always an inspiration. Hope to meet you in person one day!


  • You perfectly describe the difference between NYFW and PFW. New York seems classic to the point of being stiff, with the exception of the shows you mention, while in Paris you can feel the creativity running free and alive.

  • Oh that blue coat!! And yes Paris is magical!!! fashion blog

  • Paris is magnificent! Love everything about it! Your photos are spectacular and thank you for the fashion week update

  • Marta Hernandez

    Your blog really good read! Could you explain to me what is the difference between the style of American and European women. Is there a difference? What do you think?

    Marta Hernandez

  • Great city, great photos and great outfit! :)


  • They actually title their invites with Madam & Mademoiselle. love. :)

  • Jennifer Chong

    Ahh Margeret! You always look so great!!

  • I’m never bored when I come across your space. There’s something magical about Paris Fashion Week. Being my hometown, I can’t always afford to cross the sea to check the amazing US shows, but the Parisians one are the ones I die for, I always book this week so I can the see the art coming to life between the hands of men and women of incredible talent. No, Fashion ain’t saving life, but it saves from boredom, and eventually it’s a passion that for some of us – and it includes myself – are more than style, but Art! x

  • your blog is such a delight to the eye … its incredible … your care and professionalism shines through !!!
    tell us what you think

  • Absolutely stunning photos! <3

  • The Black Veil One

    i hope i could be there someday :)


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