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Clickbait and Miranda.

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Clickbait is as fascinating a phenomenon. It plays on human hunger for scandal where there is none and the fruitless search for quick fixes that are too good to be true. Don’t get me wrong, I love a Buzzfeed listicle as much as the next person, and the number of times I’ve clicked through from Facebook to things where I will not even believe that this place is real, or what this person did next, or that this super top secret ingredient will solve all of my life problems and my Sudoku right now HURRY HURRY, would almost (almost) make me a hypocrite for even writing this post. Because it’s how we consume content, now. Our attention spans have become so short having long ago drowned in the mass media landscape that virality has become a measure of perceived quality when on the most part, the opposite is true. Often, what the headline purports to expose is not at all the subject matter of the article – even at a stretch of the imagination – instead focusing on the most irrelevant detail that might pique the interest of the masses.

That’s the internet for you.

And I suppose publishers need something to justify astronomical advertising figures.

Setting aside the fact that the Daily Mail elected to focus on Miranda’s bralessness and my legs and apparent residence in Brisbane (and yes I’m fully aware that in mentioning their questionable coverage of the story, I’ve managed to fulfil their notoriously click-baiting motivations – you’re welcome, guys), here’s a series of images that I shot in Los Angeles way back in February, that MK and I are proud of, and that I’ve been meaning to share since we launched them alongside the collection Miranda has designed for Swarovski in Austria last month. But of course, the most important thing about this whole project is that she’s wearing a thigh-high split in one shot.

Of course.

This conversation falls within the same wavelength as Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg’s sensational (and slightly confronting) callout of sexism in the


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  • Eerika

    Gorgeous photos and wise words ;)P


    Dreams and Sunshine


    Nice post and photos! Miranda looks wonderful!

  • I’m blown away by these photos! You both look gorgeous! Miranda Kerr has been one of my biggest idols since…a long loooong time ago and I agree on what you wrote here: I wish people would focus more on how hard she actually works (be it her jewelry line, modeling, motherhood, or her line of products Kora Organics) and less on pointless things as her going bra-less. I actually read the article that you linked here and I have to say… I think the photos in that article are superfluous. They explained the photos in such detail that I don’t even know why they posted them. I wish they would get someone who can write something meaningful rather than just state the obvious. -.-

  • Your ability to merge fashion affairs with the present-day reality never ceases to amuse Margaret. This one made me chuckle, thanks!
    Also… your photos are awesome.

  • I love how you brought light to this issue!! Beautiful photos and amazing collaboration!! Miranda and you are just urgh ❤

  • emily_139

    Well said. I have nothing to add except that in a sea of bs on the internet, it’s so refreshing to see people still motivated not only to work hard but also to speak out against it. And that dog…..adorable.

  • NOOOO why did you make me click through to the Daily Mail?!? :)

    Amazing photography as always, Margaret (especially #6 and #8 with the cream jackets perfectly complementing the books, feathers, chair legs…everything…) – congratulations on another successful Swarovski campaign shoot!

    Jasmine x

  • Amen to that story. Also, these pictures are fantastic (and not just because of the lack of bras)!

  • Beautiful photos and I loved your article!



  • Excellent photos as per usual, and I love how you marry fashion/current affairs so seamlessly. Always a pleasure to read!

  • That striped outfit. I just can’t. I stopped and stared when I first saw it on Insta. It’s just so beaufitul and fits so perfectly. On a more serious note, I think this is an important conversation. I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve clicked on an enticing headline only to be led to an article where the headline in question was discussed for all of 10 characters. I agree that it’s a shame that journalism is giving way to headline sensationalism and clickbaiting.

  • I think that the lack of interest in knowledge, books was taken away by the internet – I mean it’s great to learn about business and it’s a great chance to actual get recognize it for your work, but the public has changed. Like you said our attention doesn’t last more than just few minutes. And we change everything. Luxury magazine like Vogue, Elle and more in some countries they lost quality of their work. There’s no more writing and mostly just pictures and there are less and less creativity. But that’s why I like to read your blog it’s balance between an amazing writing, styling and photography. And I love it.

    Lot of love,

    • Don’t get me wrong, I’m addicted to the Internet, but my goodness, I don’t think anyone/anything could take away my love of books.

      • I completely agree with you! I loved books since I first got one and it’s a really good feeling sitting in a library all day just enjoying the books around you and reading.

  • Loved the article! Of course pics are as expected amazing. Miranda is such a babe!

  • Salina Alvaro

    You’re writing style is conversational yet polished, making your commentary on issues such as the modern media approachable and impactful. Keep it up Margaret!

  • Another riveting read, full of human truths and all that jazz. You make some truly wonderful points, so many of which are finally recognised as issues and will – hopefully – change societies attitudes and the small ways in which they’re portrayed. Bra or no bra, legs or no legs, you’re both inspiring human beings and have accomplished so much; the things that should grab our attention, right?

  • Hahaha the NT Times ringing in the gold! I didn’t notice Miranda’s lack of bra but did notice the white blazer- so lush. Love the styling here Margaret, who knew Brisbane wasn’t all surf brands and thongs?? ;)
    xx Jenelle

    • augustamcoopers

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  • how you do shoots like this is beyond me. ULTIMATE one-woman dream team! you seriously fascinate me – an understatement like no other.

  • OMG, the photos are so amazing!! Love your styling and your photography, you’re just getting better and better and never fails to impress!


  • mcboodles

    Now I feel bad having never read the Northern Territory Times!

    • Jeanie

      You are seriously missing out their headlines are bloody hysterical

  • Haha, another great read. You have me cracking up every time. Please don’t ever stop writing!

    Love the photography – stunning as always!

  • This was such a great read. It’s always a pleasure to read your posts, Margaret. You’ve made some really great points. Thank you for making Shine By Three one of the few places where there is content actually worth the read! Photography is always super ace too. Keep on keeping on, lady. And congrats to Miranda for her Swarovski collection! x

  • I think that most women would understand and appreciate the art in the styling and wardrobe choices. However, it will always be misinterpreted especially when much skin, boobs and high slit skirts come into play since it emanates and suggests sexuality despite how tasteful or classy it is portrayed. I definitely do not agree that the media should publish such clickbait headlines just to get more hits. For these publishers, sex always sells and money is always the order of business however I stand by you that people should instead, focus on the work, creativity and art that was brought forth to culminate this strong editorial rather than sensualise the little details.

    Love how your blog can always stir up much discussion! <3

    By the way I'm obsessed with the new pieces from the collection!

  • Isha

    I love this! Miranda and you look great! xx

  • Love it !!!!

  • S


    Please check out my site! would love you feedback!!..

  • Love all the photos! You’re a great photographer! xx

  • Veena

    The whole clickbait aspect of the media is definitely fuelling the infinite appetite for distractions. Completely disagree with how too often the point is disregarded for cheap, tabloid attention. Refreshing read and beautifully constructed photos!

    ♡ veena |
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

  • Alanda Ware

    Both two amazing women

  • Completely Stunning giriy! Great article would love to know how you came up with the concept?

  • Shivan Patel (Gathum)

    Stunning you and Miranda make a good team :)

  • jordanne

    great post! one thing i noticed, you spelt weather instead of whether… x

  • Lovely ! :-)

    Enjoy your Day! | Lisa | Joy Della Vita Travelblog

  • jovana citic

    You say it just the way it is. Love this post because gives such a real picture of people’s impressions to non interesting details about celebrities, and the whole situation to our society.

  • C L

    Hi Margaret,
    Great shots! When I saw this shoot I thought that this is one of the best shoots of MK I’ve seen lately – earthy, gritty and natural. The jewellery really flows and completes the picture rather than seeming like an alien pose saying ‘look at my wrist’ (which, unfortunately, I think some of MK’s Swarovski adverts ARE like!) and releases MK’s luminosity.
    Fab blog, love your work and I am such a sucker for clickbait… Sigh. The words usually kill off brain cells…

  • this is so beautiful! I love your color combination choice!

  • You both look gorgeous , that photos are magical!


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