Barcelona Blue

A hot and sweaty update from my runnings around in Europe. First stop: Barcelona.

barcelona-hotel-miramar-spain copy

barcelona-cecile-copenhagen-elle-louise copy

In the beautifully sedative dry heat of my 36 hours in Barcelona, I found a momentary appreciation for Bohemian abandon and, most shockingly, for bare legs (those of you who have been reading for a while will know how absolutely outrageous this is). The latter came only after an evening of indignant allegiance to my newfound blue suede love of a jacket in the face of a solid 35 degrees Celcius, and hundreds of bodies packed into Barcelona’s Stadio Olympico for Mango’s new collection show. While it was not a disastrous degree of perspiration on a scale of dewy to extreme embarrassment, I was defeated enough to strip down the following morning while exploring the area surrounding Mirador on foot. I’ll admit I only got halfway there – a leather skirt in this kind of heatwave doesn’t bode so well – but you know… we’re learning.

Back to business.

For a photographer, the first thing you notice about a city when you’re travelling is usually the architecture, but then it’s always the light. Even when there is tapas involved. One of the main reasons Australia produces so many photographers is because of our amazing golden hours in the morning and early evening, that inspire creative eyes to capture imagery. Barcelona’s light casts a poetic and dusty golden filter over everything throughout the day. Unlike Paris, whose shadows always seem to be blue, Spanish shade is red and earthy, and super conducive to wearing muted tones of mustard, burnt orange powder blue and khaki – all of which are dominating my suitcase-wardrobe this week, which is just as well. Sadly, I didn’t have enough time (or jetlagged energy) to see the necessary likes of Sagrada Familia and Park Guëll before my flight out to Austria, but for the time being, this hilarious tableau of two hungover oranges, comatose with their empty bottles at sunrise, was quite sufficient until an inevitable second visit, and hopefully a longer stay.


barcelona-hotel-miramar copy

barcelona-cecile-copenhagen-elle-louise-mango copy

  • Such an inspiration! I remember my last Barcelona visit, Sagrada Familia and Park Guell are absolutely must see. Can’t wait to see your Austrina adventure with Miranda Kerr and Swarovski!

  • Love how you style your Denim Skirt, Really interesting. <3

  • Zack

    You met with the Cup Of Couple blogger? That exciting both of them are my fav blogger as well. How are they? BTW your writing is so Geminies? If that even a word. haha. btw i am an avid reader of your blog.

  • viktoria
  • Beautiful sense of summer lethargy …except I’m sure you’re hustling away ;)

    Love as always xoxo

  • Oh my gawddd, my heart…….. it’s been taken away by your photos… seriously just stop with all this amazingnessss <3 <3

  • Honey you look far too stunning in these posts to be sweaty! <3

    xoxo Aela

  • That first denim on denim look is amazing!

    / O.R.R. || A Personal Style Blog

  • fixatedfaiyaz

    Barcelona is amazing. You have to check out the Sagrada Familia when you’re there next.

    And, as usual, stunning stunning stunning photos! not sure if i’ll ever get tired of saying this!

  • Rhea

    Love the way you described light having different character in different countries. I’m not a photographer, but that is the first thing I notice too! I know you must have died in the heat but I am in love with the look in the first picture. So beautifully styled!

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  • I so thoroughly enjoy your smart & stylish approach to everything you do Margaret. Pure inspiration.

  • Your look is so spot on, you look amazing!
    The Twinne Twins

  • great post! love the writing over the pics. X

  • Gorgeous photos! And I agree with the light.. what a perfect golden hue on your photos! Must have looked amazing!

  • Sasha Mei

    Absolutely love the format of this post. It’s a work of art. You are so talented!

  • May

    I love the lights and formatting in these pics. The writing is lovely as well. Wonderful as always.

  • Amazing post Margaret! those photos look incredible :)

  • Honey

    Absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait for your Versace post! Your instagram photo edits were incredible! Well done

    Could you make a post about how you take photos of yourself? And also what kind of camera do you recommend for that?
    Thank you


  • adam

    denim, denim, denim! Amazing

  • Ellen Keating

    We love both of these looks! That’s so interesting about the change of light in different countries. We definitely need to take a photography course and learn the tricks of the trade! Xx Elle and Liv

  • Love the Mango look. One of my favorite stores

  • Anea Duratovic

    Beautiful photos! Your discussion about different light in different countries is great! It’s something I hadn’t really noticed before.

  • Rida Khan

    Author such a nice post, I like these Photos
    thanks for share.

  • Borislava

    Amaying pictures! Amaying Looks!
    Love from Vienna
    Borislava from

    Giveaway: 2 pairs of sunglasses! More is also up on the blog

  • Beautiful pictures. Felt like I was there!

  • S

    stunning outfits // great post
    please check out

  • sahar

    Great post! Love your outfit

  • The photos are amazing. So dreamy! Love the looks

  • mc

    I love love your writing!!!

  • Loooove it!

  • Your photos look so amazing! And I think its quite refreshing point of mentioning the differences in light in different countries. Sometimes, its this little things that is so obvious, yet we failed to notice or appreciate.


  • Cee

    Margaret, you have knocked it out of the park with these photos! But then again, you always dp. The Barcelona vistas are stunning, and so are both your outfits – but especially the double denim :)

  • amazing post! love the first outfit so much!!

  • jasmineafia

    I. Cannot. Get. Enough. Of. The. Denim. Outfit.

    I’ve recently dipped my toes into the (seemingly now acceptable) denim on denim trend after a lifetime of black on black and so this layered interpretation is next on my trial list. Also, how tall does it make you look?? Margaret – I’m sold. xx

  • Beautiful post and stunning pictures! Love how you describe the light :)

    Xo, Tara

  • Alanda Ware-Thomson

    Such beautiful photography!!

  • 맹경륜


  • Kate

    Such beautiful photos! I can’t wait to go to Barcelona this summer!


    Come see how much fun Cinema Little Italy is!

  • You are absolutely gorgeous and we love your blog :)

  • Honey

    I miss your lovely blog posts!
    beautiful look and you always have the most beautiful photos :)


  • Mercedes Marie

    Your photography is so amazing. So inspiring to visit your blog

    Mercedes Marie

  • I feel the same way about the light. I still remember the first time I was in Shanghai, the light, the sun, the sky were totally different from what I knew. Same with Toronto, the light has more blue undertones. I lived in Madrid so I know what you mean with the colors. Beautiful pictures… You captured perfectly the spanish vibe.

  • flightvintage

    always beautiful.

  • sanssouci

    awesome blue and brown combination!!

  • Stylowa Misja

    Wyglądasz nieziemsko, pierwszy look jest cudowny, drugi oczywiście również :)

  • Natalie Geisel

    I’m in love with your blogs and posts! Your voice has the perfect amount of unique character but also relevance, and your photos are also beautiful. It would be really awesome if you could check out my blog ( and maybe even give me feedback on my posts. You’re probably too busy, but I would love to hear back from you!

  • GoFashiondeals

    Your photos are so beautiful! Love both looks!

  • Margaret

    I have been reading your blog for almost 2 years now! It’s really lovely to surprisingly see your face on the latest Clinque campaign! I love you so much as well as your styling, photography, writing and your busy schedule! This is another invincible post!

  • I came back from Barcelona a few days ago. It’s incredible city with amazing architecture and atmosphere. your photos are really georgeus. Very good job!! I will release a new post about Barcelona soon on my blog. Visit!
    Regards, Mina Stojković.

  • Isha

    This is absolutely stunning, Margaret!!! x

  • I must say I admire your post, you truly are an amazing person, and an excellent photographer, gifted if I may add.

  • Rebecca

    stunning photos! and loved the denim on denim look! just recently heard about you in the latest article from teen vogue magazine, wish i found out about you sooner, your blog is stunning!

  • Absolutely stunning!! I love both outfits. Thanks for suffering the heat for us to create these beautiful shots.


  • I love that outfit.

  • Nutmegazine

    It is amazing how you realised the weather can make a big effect on the photographs! You’re so inspiring. Xo.

  • jasminaparade

    Love these photos Margaret! I absolutely love Barcelona too! Looking to learn all there is about lighting with photography :-) thanks for sharing your work! always admirable xx

  • cheerwaylim

    Light…glorious light! Can’t agree more about that and what a lovely way you describe too. I come from a country near the equator and we usually get flatness or extremely harsh light. Still I’m working towards taking wonderful photos like yours.

    After following your blog for so long, it still amaze me how so many of your photos on the blog are self-portrait. I for one lack the courage to do such in public space. Any tips, technical or otherwise, on easing into this habit?


    Chir Wey

  • Dear Margaret you look fabulous:)

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  • Amazing pictures.. You are right, Paris’ tones are a unique Blue-Grey!

  • Clarissa M

    so amazing ! love the off the shoulder top x

  • Shivan Patel (Gathum)

    Denim x Denim

    please check out


Margaret Zhang 章凝 is an Australian-born-Chinese filmmaker, photographer, consultant and writer based between New York and Shanghai. Since establishing her website in 2009, Zhang has gone on to work with global brands including CHANEL, Swarovski, YEEZY, Bulgari, Gucci, MATCHES, Under Armour, and Louis Vuitton in a wide range of capacities both in front of and behind the camera, while completing her Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws at The University of Sydney. Zhang’s directing, photography, and styling has been employed by the likes of VOGUE, L’Officiel, Harper’s BAZAAR, NOWNESS, and ELLE internationally. She has been listed in Forbes Asia’s 30Under30 and TimeOut’s 40Under40, and her work has been recognized as shaping the international fashion industry by the Business of Fashion BoF500 Index for four consecutive years. CNN has identified Zhang as a leading fashion photographer in Asia and ELLE named her the region’s most influential digital voice. She went on to be the first Asian face to cover ELLE Australia. In 2016, she co-founded BACKGROUND, a global consultancy for which she specialises in Western-to-Chinese and Chinese-to-Western cultural bridging for a range of luxury, lifestyle, and brand initiatives. In 2017, she exhibited a series of 39 unseen photographic works as a solo show in Sydney, and premiered her first short film – a 15-minute exploration of her visceral relationship with classical music on both performance and abstract planes – to critical acclaim. In 2018, co-curated the first annual FOREFRONT Summit focused on inter-industry problem-solving at all scales of business. From this king summit, Zhang developed FOREFRONT+ – a round table series of candid conversations covering subject matters of universal concern. In 2019, THE FACE Magazine engaged Zhang as Creative-Director-at-Large for Asia for its relaunch. Zhang is currently working on her first feature film.


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