While unpacking from my five and a half weeks abroad, I came to realise that I had essentially worn at least two of the same four pieces just about every other day I’d been on the road – if not more.

  • Charesa

    Love the photos and your writing

  • Vanessa

    This is a great look! I like that you built your outfits around these pieces – I have to say I followed your Instagram adventures quite closely and I never even noticed the repetition! Skills!

  • Love the pants and the cotton-blend jacket!

  • Stunning writing as usual <3

  • You’re the maestro at mixing Marg! Barely noticed any repetition. Loving the IM jacket and said corrugated funnel-neck top.

  • Love these layers!

    Shall We Sasa

  • Laura Lama F.

    Great post! I love the photos


  • Her Couture Life

    I’m in Europe at the moment and I’m also finding that I’m wearing the exact same things everyday! The cold is unbelievable….

  • mcboodles

    Wearing leather pants in Paris day after day is a sure sign you’re a rock star. Who cares if you can’t play any instruments? Look forward to your album covers!

  • Ana

    hehe sounds like the curse of the winter dresser … seems like you managed to pull it all off very fashionably anyway :)

    Ana x

  • Love this look. It is very original and chic!



  • First and foremost, the sunnies fit your face perfectly! No need to throw that one out. I love this piece and it is somewhat a great lesson on layering that allows you to carry on multiple looks with a select few pieces. The only wish I have is I would’ve hoped for more photos! Anyway, I’m sure the peeps you’ve met didn’t even notice is because you layered them so well that they looked like new outfits each and every day. Layering queen needs to sit down on her throne.

    xoxo Aela

  • Always a pleasure to read your post! At least now we know that fashionistas are normal people who repeat their outfits too. :p


  • Rhea

    I really enjoyed the repetition of outfits on your Instagram. The long travel sure had your creativity tested and you passed with flying colors, or may I say multiple, beautiful, earthy tones.

  • monkeyshines
  • Love this look and your layering skill is Awesome. :)

  • I love the texture and fabric of your coat and color of your trousers! I think it is amazing life, doing what you love and share it to the world, your travels and outfits are so creative and interesting! :)

  • AvantiGarde

    Gorgeous outfit! I love the coat and heels especially.


  • Skv Mamis

    Hey Margaret love your layering you’re such a pro! Sending Love from South Africa.
    please check out our fashion blog

  • Nikki

    So impressed that you typed this out on your phone!

  • Stephanie
  • I disagree, I think your sunglasses look lovely and are definitely flattering on your face! Lovely outfit, the pants are very cool. x Dominique

  • Caroline

    You look wonderful! I have a square face too, so I totally feel you on the square sunglasses thing… cat-eye seems to work best…. still testing……. I love that you’re not out peacocking in whacky things when you go to shows. It’s fashion forward, it’s interesting, and it’s maybe a bit more than you’d wear day to day judging from your Instagram (though I dunno – maybe that’s because it’s cold), but it’s not like OMG LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME. It’s refreshing.

  • I suppose the good thing about your amazing layering skills is that even though we see elements of everything, we never really see everything. Repeat away! As for your sunnies, I think you pull them off effortlessly. It may be your exuding confidence, but hey, I can’t tell. :)

  • I think it’s great having a small wardrobe and being able to work with it and create new outfits from it. There is nothing wrong with outfit repeating as well. If it works, why not wear it several times?

    / O.R.R.

  • Pus

    You’re soooo good Margharet!!!…..

  • I think the glasses look great on you, square face and all :) I only really look good in aviators or huge glasses, so the face shape vs sunglasses struggle is real!

  • photos by Shini Park! :D X

  • Breanna Lane

    So Margaret, I sat down with A* from a certain brand (GJ) after seeing you with JC and a bunch of others at #VAMFF, post the Bob Dylan ‘Times they are a chang’n’ extravaganza; and discussed how she was blown away by how you systematically dissected the approach of how [well established] retailers treat their brands today.

    I see the way they parade certain brands out, and I liken it to a bunch of helicopter parents parading out their three year old in OSKOSH dungarees (“ah, ‘Hello’ 1992 is calling and there’s no connection”). Instead of what they really should be presenting, if I heard you right – is a satirical, keen, smart, savvy teen/tween/twenty-something with something to SAY.

    I wasn’t surprised, but I was -profoundly- relieved. Thank you sunshine and rainbows, Margaret, for telling it how it really is.

    Bespoke and curated, with a seamless tone of voice they may aspire to be, but what really caught my attention was the REAL. Fashion is what you make it, and as you and anybody else that’s tried it on- know- when you blog and style, and edit, edit, edit… it is all for sh#t when you see it falling off a hanger lost in a Siberia of racks on the shop floor. Heart in shoes, I sooooo loved it, coveted it, did mental maths to make it happen, but now…? I’m on the shop floor under the wrong lights and well, well hmmm.

    I love, loved how you worked them to the core of what you and those that follow you actually experience when you touch and feel , in ‘both spaces’ (online and bricks & mortar). When they try to ‘tell’ you what you should feel, but don’t. How they could really make that CONNECTION, without out (ahem) putting it in capitals.

    Keep going, we need all the sunshine and rainbows we can get, right here, right now, to keep art and creativity capitalised. B x

  • Cynthia Nguyen

    Breath-taking pairings with the patterns you mixed. I also love the fact you choice your backdrop to suit the palette of your outfit so well.


  • peabody

    I suppose the good thing about your amazing layering skills is that even though we see elements of everything, we never really see everything. As for your sunnies, I think you pull them off effortlessly.

  • Nathasya

    your outfit are always on point!

  • Joy Okobi

    this is just wonderful

  • Leah

    Love each piece you’re wearing, but they managed to get so much better when you paired them together!

  • I just found your blog and I must say I fell in love with it

  • Fabliha Reza

    Stahp it are you real life? This is exquisite x

  • Zara

    Love this! You were in my hometown!

  • actually love to see the offenders repeatedly, which means they are really iconic pieces. !

  • It speaks to how great the pieces are by how versatile they can be!

    Brooklyn Vintage

  • Shay

    Hi, which application you are editing your photos on Instagram?? I love them!!!

  • Natalia

    That’s really nice and very independent style. i had once experience with stylist and that was really good one. With Anastasia so hope that every girl can have a chance to try once professional help.

  • Dércio Lichucha

    I know this is an old post but I need to know where to get pants like those for men. How do I even describe them??.

  • adam

    So much pattern and it works!!!!

  • anik dev

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