The David Jones Masterclass is fully registered, but they’ve given me two extra spots to invite some of you to come along and have a listen.

  • Frances

    Aw man! I would love to go. Tasmania seems so far away…

    • Choi Wai Kei

      Hi I’m Cathy! I’m studying in Commerce atm. Wanna go into the fashion industry, but got no idea to start my first step. So wish I can be in the class n got some precious ideas

      Best regards,

  • If I were remotely close by I’d love to be there! I enjoy your insight into the industry.

  • Amber

    Hi Julie! I would absolutely love to hear you speak. I’ve been a follower and a fan for a long time. We are both students of law and bloggers so I would love to learn more from you as we have similar perspectives and backgrounds! Can’t wait!!! xx

  • Laura

    The concept of a career where i’m living just for the weekends is my idea of a nightmare. I want to learn how to make my passions a viable career and make my own rules. You’re a huge inspiration and would love to soak up some priceless knowledge.

  • Lucinda

    Hi Margaret! So awesome for you to be speaking at tomorrows David Jones Masterclass!! So excited for you! My friend and I would absolutely die if we got to come because you are such an inspiration to us, as are the other speakers (Kelvin Harries omg!) we’d benefit from this class as we are in our last year of school and so determined to have a voice in the fashion industry in the future! We would love to hear about the speakers creative processes and the how they got there foot in the door of the fashion industry! This is our dream and listening to people we admire so much and aspire to be like would be so amazing!! Lucinda and Brittany xx

  • Hi Margaret,
    Earlier this year I had the great realisation that I was unhappy with the career I was pursuing. I was ferociously studying my third year of Medicine in Adelaide and utterly hating it- lacking inspiration, deprived of a creative outlet and without the time to explore anything that remotely interested me. I’ve since packed up, moved to Sydney and am beginning afresh in an industry and city that is so exciting. I would love the opportunity to have an insight into the fashion industry at the David Jones Masterclass and gain more knowledge and inspiration for the adventure ahead of me!
    Rachel x

  • Jo

    Hi Margaret,
    I am looking for a career change, specifically to get into digital content creation in the fashion/lifestyle sector. I am interested in fashion, but don’t have enough knowledge to really make myself stand out in the job market; I think this masterclass would be a great way to jumpstart my fashion education, and help me understand the industry more.

    x Jo

  • gemma

    I am a fellow creative and I feel like I am at a fork in the road… I would love to hear from you as I admire the steps you have taken in your life so far! It would be an amazing experience to engulf the words of such fun and inspiring people.
    Choose me and help me to do crazy things!
    Gemma x

  • Hannah Leavey

    Hey Margaret!

    I really believe I would benefit from the DJ’s masterclass as, like all the other bright eyed little fashionistas that will be attending, I will learn how to turn an indescribable and true passion into a fulfilling, successful and viable career. More so, the range of speakers is incredible and I believe each would bring their own unique perspective and experience within the industry to the masterclass. I would definitely be most excited about hearing from Carmen Dugan, Kate Benson and you of course! As a young and eager fashion, journalism and photography student (don’t ask me how I sleep haha) making ends meet in retail, I would love to learn how to turn this immense passion and love for fashion into something more.

    I was also that kid in high school who got her school work done, took pride in my good grades and never really did much else… but I had fashion. I had my magazines, I had my clothes, I watched the growth of Alexander Wang with wonder and inspiration and I read and re-read Nina Garcia and Rachel Zoe’s style books because it was all I could get my hands on. I was obsessed and still am. I’d love to learn from others who share this incredible obsession and am just as passionate as I am.

    Ps. Can’t wait to see your work with TEDx omg!

    – Hannah x

  • Adela

    Hey Margaret,
    I completely agree with you about how the industry (and as a matter of fact, society as a whole), always seeks to place individuals into a box, a category. Perhaps it’s out of convenience. Or habit. And I guess that’s why it’s advised against to do too many things at once. But in this day and age, there’s so many people out there (including you) who aren’t just a photographer, a blogger, a stylist, a designer etc. And who the hell has the right to tell us that it’s not okay? Anyways, enough of the ramble. I’m currently in my first year at uni (#usydpride), and whilst my degree has nothing has to do with fashion, (I’m studying exercise/sport science & nutrition), I’m still passionate about pursuing my creative side. And to be honest, why can’t I have the best of both worlds? I would absolutely love to attend the masterclass, and to hear from such prominent people in the industry. I love going to events like this, because everytime I walk out at the end, I’m so incredibly inspired – and it’s the best feeling ever. I’m positive that I’ll learn so much tomorrow, and I really hope I can go!
    Love, Adela xx

  • Samantha Johnson

    Hi Margaret
    My name is Samantha and I am 16, still at school in Sydney. You are such an inspiration to me and I adore your work. As a create director you create a fantasy for the viewer to dive which is what I love about you and your blog (which I am constantly following). I would like to peruse a similar career in creative direction when I am older as I have a passion for fashion, beauty and photography.
    It would be an hour and a privilege to see you speak and perhaps have a chat to you.

    Thank you!
    Samantha xoxo

  • Emily McDonagh

    Hi Margaret
    Congratulations on TED, I cannot wait to hear your thoughts!
    I would love to attend the masterclass and bask in the awesomeness of yourself and the other esteemed speakers.
    Having not finished school or entered university through the usual pathways any chance to learn such as this sets my heart a flutter.
    A nerdy lady like yourself who challenges the assumptions and stereotypes of school dropouts whenever I tell my story and further with any future success.
    Currently studying Media, I intern , I work and try to maintain it all on a level field but sometimes my eyebrows suffer and I’ve come to terms with that… sort of.
    Right now is such an explosive time to be entering this field particularly the blog arena and to hear from you would be an insight I would truly value.
    As a woman who hasn’t found a little bit of success and grown content, or left her studies behind you are a symbol of unwavering perseverance.
    Best of luck with your studies and upcoming talks, I will be eagerly tuned in!


  • Emily

    Ooh the envy I feel for whoever gets the opportunity to go to this masterclass tomorrow! I wish I was free to attend and bask in the glory of all those amazing speakers! To whoever ends up attending I hope you take away all that you can from each speaker, especially Montarna from audience agency, no doubt she’ll have some great insights to share!

  • Lauren Smith

    Hi Margaret, I hope you’re well!

    Pursuing a career in fashion is tough, I don’t need to tell you that – rejections are often: it’s a competitive industry. People want originality but also for you to prescribe to their formula of the right qualifications and work experience. A highly creative individual myself I’ve been struggling with how to be ‘the perfect candidate’ and what the industry is looking for rather than focusing on my strengths and being me. A follower and fan of your (along with the other speakers’) work, if selected I would hopefully gain some insight, inspiration and tools to unlock my creative talent and spark some ides on how to channel it to its best. Passionate about the industry, I am dedicated and giving up is not an option. I do however believe that David Jones Masterclass is just what I need at this stage in my life to kick-start some real action!

    I very much hope to have the opportunity to meet you tomorrow and participate.

    Thank you for your consideration! Lauren Smith x

  • Aditi Mayer

    Truth oozing from this article, love it Margaret. Wish I was in Syndey…

  • Echo Peng

    Hi Margaret,

    I’m a Mainland Chinese student studying Accounting now, and running a fashion blog at the same time. I know accountant is not my style, I love fashion and music so much, and can produce music as well. And I wanna be the first Mainland Chinese fashion blogger, cuz it is a really new career in Mainland China. I have Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Wechat platform, Chinese weibo and personal website, and really eager to do them bigger. By the way, I joined last year Westfield fashionblogger selfie, cuz really wanna learn and know more secrets about this industry for my career. Plz choose me.

    Thank you:)

    Echo Pengxoxo

  • Hey Margaret!

    When I looked at the list of creatives that were to speak at The Fashion Project, I was so excited when I saw your name pop up! I am so inspired by your ability to multi-task and not be tempted to put yourself into one “box” that so many of us fall into the trap of doing in this extremely competitive Industry. I am currently studying photography at university, minoring in business and while I have great passion in both areas I never want to limit myself to one category or go into a career knowing that I will be completing one specific job. I want to be a stylist, writer, creative director as well as have my own blog and business and call myself a photographer. Maybe I am being delusional and sometimes I get caught up in doubt, thinking how the hell am I going to pull this off, what is the next step once I get my uni degree?

    And that’s why you continue to be such an inspiration.

    I have been following you on Shine by Three for some time now and looking at all you have accomplished reminds me of all that is possible. I am also inspired by the fact that you are developing a successful career, basing yourself in Sydney but with international opportunities. Whenever I talk to one of my teachers at uni or other professional photographers I am always met with the statement, “ohh you want to do fashion photography, well you are going to have to head over to New York or London for that.” rubbish, I say.
    I am soooooo eager to hear your thoughts on these topics, to discuss how we can make viable and prosperous careers going into the sometimes-very-daunting-but- always-exciting fashion industry. Your knowledge and advice would be an invaluable experience and something that would mean a lot to me, especially at this stage of my career.

    All the best,


  • Amanda

    Hi Margaret,

    I’ve been a longtime reader and lover of your blog since the good old high school years when you mixed Bardot pieces with ballet poses on your street. I’ve always admired your strength and perseverance, inspiring me never to undermine being a 21 year old university student/retail assistant – but to push the envelope and pursue my own wishes and wants.

    I stumbled across your blog as a 17 year old high school student, unhappy with her HSC subjects with zero confidence and can proudly say today that I’m an absolute contradiction today as an awesome university student/slash/video blogger/slash/graphic designer/slash/creative director/contributor at a beauty website. You always put 100% in your efforts, love a creative challenge and I’ve seen that through countless interviews, Fashion Bloggers, campaigns and even your own work speaks for itself! I’d love the chance to see you in your element and hear what you have to speak. All in all, keep doing what you do girl!

    Amanda x

    • Guest


  • Brittany Mirabitur

    Hi Margaret!

    I would just like to start off by saying thank you! Your such a huge inspiration- being in year 12 and seeing how you managed to balance school work and your blog is very influential as you embody the possibilities that can be achieved if you work hard. I have recently started a fashion/ lifestyle blog with my best friend and attending this master class would be amazing and very helpful as we would like to learn how to promote and strategy’s to brand our blog in the most effective way as it is in it’s early stages and we are not sure the ways to use Instagram effectively or even move beyond it. This blog is extremely important to us as we realise the value it has in leading to many great opportunities in the future. It would also simply just be a dream come true as we are huge fans of yours and your advice is priceless to us!

    Brittany x

  • Isabelle Cameron

    Dear Margaret,

    This morning while I was reading this post on the train I missed my stop and ended up lost in Central Station for 10 whole minutes (those renovations amirite). Wandering the tunnels and reflecting on your words brought about the realisation that I so appreciated the 10 minutes free of the constant permeation of the rules of my life. No thoughts of my soulless job, my impending rent or my daily greys. Just: how the hell do I get out of here. I fear I don’t have adventures quiet as often as I use to, and any romantic childhood dreams of becoming a writer has been sucked into the abyss of the ‘box’ I have been designated to. I loathe this, and you seem to have a grasp on what it is I could be doing better. Your words already gave me 10 minutes this morning and I feel I benefited greatly from the consequential realisation that came with it – I’m hopeful to steal more of your time :)

  • Sally

    Hi Margaret,

    My name is Sally Corben and I have just completed my 3rd year of the Advanced Diloma at The Fashion Design Studio – Ultimo TAFE Sydney Institute of Fashion. As part of the course I have designed and produced a range of innovative and creative fashion garments and portfolio documents. Throughout 2015 I am continuing into my final year with the new Bachelor Degree Course at the Institute. Further, while studying Fashion Design I simultaneously studied Makeup Artistry and over the last 2 years have worked within the industry providing freelance makeup and hair services for a variety of projects. Like yourself, I don’t believe that I have to pick one. So many creative industries are so closely tied together, and in-fact benefit from one another. I would like to think that having skills across multiple industries only enhances my creative abilities and my vision across all projects.

    With a keen interest in the fashion industry, I have tried to take every opportunity that has been thrown my way, interning for several well recognised fashion labels including Romance Was Born and Christopher Esber. I am currently interning for an online fashion app startup, Stashd, this time doing graphic design work and gaining experience and insight into PR, outside of the design and production line.

    While I wanted to give you a short insight into what I do, and my absolute passion for both the beauty and fashion industries, I would love to have an insight into what you and your fellow speakers do, how you started out, and how you kept the ball rolling from there on in. I am someone who is looking to develop a long, withstanding career in the industry and would find the opportunity to gain advice from someone such as yourself absolutely invaluable.

    Lastly, I wanted to thank you for providing this opportunity to your readers. While I hope to see you tomorrow, I will, as always, continue to follow your writings among all other things.

    Many thanks,


  • Samantha Cordingley

    Hi Margaret, I am in the beginning of my second year running my own creative digital agency. It is certainly challenging, exhausting, amazing, terrifying and more terrifying. However, I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else! Needless to say I don’t get out very much due to the expense of starting your own business and the 16 hour days we put in – I would love the opportunity to meet you and hear from some other inspirational, creative women shaking up the fashion world and carving their own path. Best of luck with the talk tomorrow, I’ve heard you speaking on Fashion Bloggers and think you have some great advice and experience to share xx

  • Chloe

    Hi Margaret :) I already have a place tomorrow in the Masterclass – Can’t wait to meet you tomorrow woohoo!
    Chloe X

  • mcboodles

    If Godzilla’s rampages had been knowledge sharing based instead of focused on destruction he likely would have been more popular. More knowledge rampages Margaret!

  • Elizabeth Fuller

    Hi Margaret,

    I have been following you for a while now, and your ability to multi-task university undertake so many creative projects on the side is both inspiring and humbling.

    I completely agree with your view towards climbing the corporate ladder, and believe that our generation of young creatives have so much more to bring to the table than the traditional ‘formula’ of the corporate hierarchy. As a media and marketing student (usyd pride!), I think that it is more important than ever for us to be able to be multi-skilled and
    have the opportunity of using them simultaneously rather than being put into a ‘box’.

    As a uni student, the biggest challenged is getting started – I would love to attend the Masterclass and hear the insights and experience of creatives like yourself who continue to push boundaries in the industry and carve a far more rewarding career.

    All the best,


  • Emily

    Hey Margaret!

    I’m a young screenwriter, director, producer and all around creative nerd. There’s a massive shift happening at the moment from film to digital, it started about 15years ago, but with the pace of technology filmmaking has become accessible to everyone now. There’s the constant struggle of trying to stand out amongst the sea of thousands when at the end of the day, who you know rather than what you know will be what gets you the job. I’m trying to make my own opportunities and not look for a quick fix. It’s unfortunate, but if you want to ‘make it’ in film you have to go overseas. Australia’s film and tv industry just isn’t up to par with the rest of the world in terms of quality, opportunity and pulling power. It’s stuck in the 80’s with no sign of rescue or even realising that it needs it. The more marketable my films are the better position I am in to empower the Australian film industry. Whilst not perfect, fashion is much faster to embrace change and adapt than film. Young talented bloggers are scouted for fashion events, yet young filmmakers are supported for whom their parents are rather than their knowledge, vision and talent. This can change, there could be something there in place to make things different, but at the moment it’s quite depressing. Whenever I’m stuck or uninspired I always come to your blog, because you are so inspiring. You’re proof that if it can be a thought then it can be done and not to let the doubt slow you down. You don’t pigeon-hole yourself with one interest. As a young female artist with a deep passion for creating and collaborating I know I would gain so much from the masterclass. The number of powerful women speaking is inspiring, especially with the film industry being infamously male dominated (or at least an old man mentality).

    Hope to see you tomorrow!


  • Ivana

    Hi Margaret,

    I am Ivana,

    I am an avid reader and fan of your work. This opportunity would mean the world to me. I am currently studying design both graphic and textiles, but have always had a passion for fashion photography and fashion itself! Ever since I was 2 I would pick my own clothes out, and ever since then I have been true to my unique style, as it is a reflection of my personality. Yet finding my style within the current industry and trends are difficult. Your styling is inspirational and your balance between work, study and fun is encouraging. I have been recently questioning my career path, to hear your experiences and journey through this world of fashion and business would, I believe, help me tremendously! Being inspired daily is what I look for from when I wake to when I go to sleep, and to hear from your inside view and perspective would be amazing!!!
    I would be so thrilled to be able to experience this night, and to be able to share it with my friend would be even better, as we share this as a passion of ours. I really look forward to season two of fashion bloggers, updates from your blog and Instagram, and I am very excited for your talk on TED! This would be amazing for us! Thank you again,

  • Magenta

    Hi Margaret!

    My name is Magenta (yes like the colour) :)

    I was so excited to hear about this amazing opportunity you are offering to us readers, I am such a keen reader of your blogs and love to indulge in your beautiful worldly photographs.
    I strongly agree with the things that you have written in this post, I am currently in second year Applied Fashion Design and Technology and while at time it’s crazy busy and full on ( for example i’m writing this response to you on the bus home aka my chill out time!) I am also so passionate about my course and I’m determined to enter into the industry and have a lifelong career in it! And thats why the things that you have touched on in this post are so relevant. People do need to wake up! and begin to value workers of the new generation; and so what they don’t have those amazing industry connections? the important question should be do they have the skill!? How is anyone to gain connection without being given a chance at experience? I am so thankful that you are confident in your writing and opinions, you don’t sugar coat harsh realities and in doing so you are truly allowing your readers the insight we need to make it in these creative industries!

    To be given the opportunity to attend this master class would be a true honour one that I feel will offer my friend and I (also studying Design) a world of knowledge that will set us on the paths to becoming fashion super stars… Too far? Too cliche? Haha or perhaps more realistically surge us forward in our current studies, giving us different insights than the ones being fed and re-fed to to us. Once again I hope that if I attended this masterclass it would truly open my eyes to the in’s and outs of the current creative Industry in Australia.

    I really hope to see you tomorrow Margaret!

    Thank you! :)

  • oh my, I would love to go….

    Shall We Sasa

  • Rhea

    Hi Margaret! Every word you write resonates with me. I just answered a few interview questions thrown at me today by a magazine wherein I wrote about how blogging or any other profession need not have a set way or working, you can choose your own path and your own formula. You don’t have to be like everybody else and so things like everybody else. I truly wish I could have been there for your talk, but I am all the way over here in Goa. I would, however, like to request you to film your talks if possible or even share the ‘script’/general gist on your blog whenever you could. Have a great one!


  • A very good point Margaret. This is something I have had the time to think over having seen people in the work place doing this day in day out seemingly ever content to never push themselves (these are young and older generations). Holding on to what is was like and resenting change. The workplace is rapidly changing and these people and businesses will get left behind. Thats the sad truth. They only hurt and hold themselves back holding on to the past instead of embracing the future. The sign up to a job and work the Monday to Friday routine for the rest of your life and quite often in the same job is coming to and end, although it does seem to work in some industries. As someone who has moved countries a few times, travelled and changed jobs accordingly I am most likely one of those annoying reminders thats the times are changing and perhaps changed a while ago. The only thing that life has to offer is security but I see that is even fleeting. The digital and technological age is having greater effects on many industries, I work as a Freelance Designer and my industry as you know is one changing rapidly but I see it as an exciting time and to be embraced rather than grunted at. As you mentioned in your post people seem to like sticking to a formula, a certain set of rules that may work just so. Perhaps to scared to try something new or maybe even forgotten why those rules are there in the first place. I do believe the “if something is broken don’t fix it” mantra but changing things up won’t hurt. But in this new landscape new and different stands out and regardless of weather it works or not your learning will be that much greater than sticking to your safe zone. One of my realisations with all this change is to always question everything (don’t just follow and this relates well to why those formulas are around in the first place), embrace the new while trying to stay true to yourself. It is a balancing act. You are such a great example of this Margaret. I definitely think it is time for each of us to find our own way and do our own thing. x

  • hi Margaret. I believe choosing your own style of blogging is the best alternative because its all about being known for your style. Not someone else’. I always find your posts entertaining and refreshing. Could you please do a piece on ”choosing your won style as a writer’?. Thanks

  • Hi Margharet! Your words truly resonate to what I’m believe into. Thinking about it, it seems like when you’re completing a law degree (fellow student) you’re always supposed to follow the right path as they say. The one your parents, friends and society is expecting for your to follow. Glad I found someone that feels like me. Trying to change this supposedly perfect formula is hard work but it worth it I guess, meaning I believe so. I’ve started also my own little project of a blog because you inspired me to do so, and I’m glad I did – like you said, it’s not about having a car and a job that corresponds to what you re expected to do, but about finding what you want right? I wished I was in Sidney to listen to your talk! But still in Paris, so I hope I’d listen to some of your advices live soon enough!

  • Choi Wai Kei

    Hi I’m Cathy! I’m studying in Commerce atm. Wanna go into the fashion industry, but got no idea to start my first step. So wish I can be in the class n got some precious ideas

  • Neriman Thomas

    Yay I’ll be at the masterclass tonight, see you soon!

  • Weston James Palmer

    Great read Margaret, Love where your mind is at.

    • Sabina Im

      I couldn’t agree more !

  • It might take time to change a way of thinking, especially if one has been raised that way, especially with immigrant parents (moi) and being a fashion blogger, I know how challenging that is. And how rewarding.

  • Oh I wish I could be there! Good luck!

  • Go girl! You were fantastic at VAMFF. I loved your perceptive insight and forward-thinking approach. No boundaries. Looking forward to connecting again in the future. Amber. x

    p.s. Freaking TEDx?!?!?!?? <3

  • Skv Mamis

    Absolute perfection your style is impeccable :)

  • Tino Katsumbe

    Here I am in my small corner of the world (southern tip of Africa), feeling more inspired than ever to pursue my passion of becoming a writer (much to the disappointment of parents). It’s frustrating sometimes when people expect you to follow the path already set out for you- a profession as an engineer or a doctor or a lawyer (something ‘traditional’). But I just wanted to say thank you very much Margaret for this article. It just goes to show that it’s okay to dare to dream and work towards making that dream a reality :)

  • The London Thing

    Your blog is everything!!! Love the content

  • fashion altitude

    I wish I could have come to this masterclass.. too bad, I live in Paris. I think it ‘s in the human nature to put people in a box; It does not apply to the Fashion industry in particuliar. It’s both easy and comforting ( and frustrating when you are submitted to this boxing judgment)..Thinking out of the box is the key. But God this is exhausting and exhilirating at the same time. You are both and insider and an observer of what is going on in this industry. Yes so what when the “system” proves to be ineffective? This is interesting to be living in these times of change, new voices can be heard in the desert or the tumult whether you choose to call it. Thanks for talking and being real :-).

  • Poppy

    Will you be attending the Women Of Influence Brunch, or going to the Big Fashion Sale in Melbourne? If so, would love to see you there and meet you!

  • nawon-lee

    Hi Margaret!!! I’m your fan!!!! you are my role model!!! and always watched! your art is wonderful!!!
    and! I live Korea! Do you know Korea??? Korea is located near China! I’II be your future fans!

  • adam

    If only there were more of these photos! this outfit is incredible ;)


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