Knock Out

This coat is the solution to your problems. Including leather pant camel-toes.

New York has been unseasonably warm over our time here. Hell, I would have called t-shirt weather on the latter half of last week. As a result, my beloved hulking menswear jacket has not held as much street relevance as I’d hoped when I took the packing gamble on its significant weight against my prospective shopping (alas – I fear my luggage will be severely overweight by the time 2015 rolls around). But, of course, I am not a woman to be swayed by the weather. More truthfully, I never get around to checking the weather until after I’ve been rained on, or sweated profusely running around in a leather onesie. No no – the jacket would stay, and I would busy myself knocking people out Bowser style with its prominent hood horns on the subway and in Times Square.

Interestingly, though I suppose not unexpectedly, I have received a huge number of compliments on the thing from men and nothing but confused looks from women young and old. Granted, the guys who have publicly enthused over the coat’s weighty shell, slightly reflective fabrication, heavy duty (and I mean heavy duty) hood, and sleeves that fall past my hands completely, have been at least six feet tall and almost always wearing military boots of sorts. That, and only two of the seventeen dudes Alex and I have tallied thus far actually included that it looked good on me – rather, the majority seemed to be more of a girl-gimme-that-coat situation. Admittedly, too, most of the sassy female side-eye has come from tourist ladies with barrel-curled hair, sequined beanies, and maybe-she’s-born-with-it mascara favouring their outer lashes. You know what I’m saying.

Most importantly though, is that for all its aggression, this coat fills the gap between fashion fashion and puffy quilted jackets that everybody loves to hate, but come February must either succumb to or cry from frostbite.

More succinctly, this coat is the solution to your problems. Including leather pant camel-toes.

H&M x Alexander Wang Menswear JacketYigal Azrouel Chunky Slub Knit TurtleneckRebecca Vallance Leather LeggingsAcne Studios Jensen BootsPared Eyewear SunglassesCoach Leather Gloves


  • mcboodles

    I asked Santa for more leather pant camel toes in my life, but all he gave me was a sequined beanie. I guess I was naughty after all.

  • Menswear is always more appealing & a lot less fussy than its female counterparts & so I find myself dressing more & more like a boy. Needless to say, I will be looking into this jacket despite the Aussie summer heat.


  • That is an amazing turtleneck! Totally envious of your sweater weather even if it isn’t as cold as you’d like #damntropicallife


  • john

    Well if you live in cold weather places, I live in Toronto, you don’t want to live here when you are older. It’s freezing here, snow make driving
    a mess, accidents all over.
    Why would people wear leather pants? You can’t wash it, dry cleaning doesn’t get the sweat and dirt out of it. I like to wash
    things I wear.
    Happy New Year folks!

  • i just love this look!! So comfy and so sexy..and you did that with a menswear jacket…how cool is that?!

  • Juliet

    Perfect outfit ensemble Margaret and looks pretty darn cozy too

  • Wishing I was in New York and wishing I had that jacket! In lurrrrve with this look

  • Love this outfit!
    It has been a rather mild winter in Europe as well up till two days ago and now it feels and looks like the arctic, I’m sure you’ll get some more chance to wear that jacket of yours ;)

    xx Cheyenne

  • Camilla Ackley

    That coat is awesome! If I gave you side-eye on the street it would definitely be the ‘girl gimme that coat’ side eye. Glad to hear NY is holding up reasonably temperate, I’m coming through in a couple weeks and I’m not all about the overweight coat packing situation.

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  • Amazing coat! In fact I love the whole look!



  • So cool:)

    Shall We Sasa

  • That AWxHM jacket looks amazing on you!

  • I personally love “hulking” menswear jackets paired with leggings. It is what it is— a knockout outfit.

    Aye, Sir! Ally

  • Aditi Mayer

    A literal knockout. Amazing things, Margaret, amazing things!

    xoxo, Aditi

  • Gorgeous outfit! Love the coziness of the sweater!

  • Kaja

    wow I love everything about your look, those pants are amazing and the jacket looks great!

  • Laura Lama F.

    Perfect knit! You look great


  • Getup & Go

    Amazing look! Love the sweater and the coat! xx

  • love it! make them stare!
    xo – ke

  • Love that jumper! Xo

  • Wow what a tremendous look. The combination of leather coat and leather pant is very incomparable. Thak you very much for sharing this inspiring blog. For more details:

  • Lizlizo

    Love it! So ironic how cold it got today! New York weather had a mind of its own but you gotta love it!

    Liz Lizo

    • Oh my god my face is frozen – I definitely jinxed it…

      • Lizlizo

        Ahh! Harsh weather this week. Stay warm!

  • This makes me miss new york so much!! Sydney summer is great and all but no chance of layering like this :( love the a wang menswear <3

  • Emily Hayden

    I have been wanting that coat so badly! Do you know of a similar (hopefully relatively affordable) alternative? Or someplace it isn’t sold out?

  • monkeyshines
  • the mens Alexander Wang x `H&M line was so much better than the women’s!!!

  • Yes it is a pretty great jacket. I almost regret not getting anything from the collection on some days but seeing as I’m currently cleansing my wardrobe, added items would have just made my job a whole lot worse.
    You look great though, if I owned that jacket, I’d probably wear it out in summer too. I kid.

    / O.R.R.

  • nice! Happy New Year…. have a great 2015!

  • chy of novice of style

    Amazing photos as usual! I love the classiness and simplicity!


  • I love your style and your photo! So amazing!


  • It really do looks good on you – the jacket!

  • Leah

    Can’t believe more girls didn’t comment… I’m a girl. I love it ;)

  • Maggie

    Amazing as usual! x

  • Impeccable styling as usual. Gorgeous look on you


  • fashion altitude

    This is my uniform and style these days: coat plus leather pants. Sure I don’t own this AW beauty of yours…..;-)

  • Sarah

    Margaret! I’m off to NYC in two weeks – ready for the freezing weather but dreading the tourist look of jeans and puffer jackets! Any tips on travelling in style? xo

    • Hey! Super exciting – you’ll definitely be rolling in snow (I missed it by days, it seems!). All you really need is a good set of thermals, a good leather jacket to cut out the wind chill, and then you can just layer your usual Winter favourites between the two with a big coat over the top. I’ve been wearing Uniqlo Heat Tech for years purely on the fact that their super thin as well as being super warm.

  • I went to look at a few shops over the weekend and was very tempted to get something from the men’s section.. now I am thinking I should of done it!

  • Jenna

    I often buy things from the men’s side. I think sometimes the things fit better

  • Dope shots as always.

  • Dominica C

    seriously one of the best knit sweaters I’ve seen lately ..

  • Kriselle

    Hi Margaret! I have been thinking about blog writing for quite some time and you are one of my greatest influences (I love your writing style – so quirky). Do you have any tips for someone just starting out? I would love to hear from you!
    – Kriselle

  • OMG this look is so, how I want to look today! Perfect inspiration! Thank you <3

  • Beautiful Look.

  • fei

    How did I not find this blog before? Flawless looks, interesting story, now I have to catch up!


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