And other things that rhyme with Dior.


And just like that, exams are done and dusted. My uncomfortable web silence is no longer. Brace yourselves. It has taken me all of 24 hours to happily block out the mental trauma of the past two weeks, and although my body and digestive system have another two weeks to go (it’s amazing how much you shut down after sitting still at a desk for extended periods of time), you have a greater proportion of my attention until next Semester rolls around.

In my mad scramble back into civilisation, there are few things more satisfying than what can only be described as the swoosh of emails flying out of your Outbox, and gleefully crossing out scrap paper to-dos with the largest black marker in sight. Painting over this story I shot almost a month ago has been sitting at the top of my list for just as long – and to date, it is likely the editorial that has ended up closest to what I had envisaged prior to shooting.

I know far more about skincare and fragrance-fiending than I do about painting my face – I will admit that I can barely get my winged eyeliner equal on both sides (indeed, I spent most of my intensive ballet years disguising the fact with Ariana Grande eyelashes). Perhaps, that is the basis for my fascination with artistic make-up, in the same way that my appreciation for everyday styling finds a distant relative in couture and costume design. On a more conceptual editorial front, I want to explore the transformative quality of beauty as mastered by the likes of Pat McGrath, and if he doesn’t mind me saying so, Chris King. And, on the first of several projects she and I have since worked on together, Nicola Johnson.

This woman knows a thing or two about working at a step above mere enhancement of existing facial features. I wasn’t prepared with any real reference images – just grand sweeping hand gestures around about my head, and laughable buzzwords like wet look and subtle drama. And she got it. Even where what what have been a moodboard for this editorial stemmed from the same vein as my layered art studio paint mess with Amy Finlayson, the outcome here turned on a less documentary note, without losing too much of Dior’s fantastical couture roots in its realism.





  • Oh Margaret, this is just way too amazing! I’m in awe with the photos. So much creativity and awesomeness happening. YOU ARE AMAZEBALLS, LADY.

  • Vanessa

    next level content, Margaret. you have such a great eye and i love that you’re not scared to experiment. Nicola definitely seems to be as much a talent as you say. Your skin is glowing!

  • Fisayo Longe

    You’re the best. This is amazing. Really really amazing. The fact that you shot it by yourself is just insane.

  • These photos are absolutely amazing!


  • Michèle

    I’m amazed by these photos Margaret! But even more since you shot them on your own? How the hell are you doing that?? :-O


  • I cannot believe you shoot all these images yourself since the quality is so insane! It’s like when actors direct movies they star in. Gorgeous shots :)


  • Laura Lama F.
  • AvantiGarde

    You look absolutely amazing here Margaret! I love all these make up looks.


  • Cecile

    Girl after my own heart – I hide my wonky cat-eye makeup with massive lashes too! haha usually works a treat. Apparently using a business card or something as a reference is supposed to work well?

  • dahlia o’neill

    you’re so original. that’s what I love about your site – everyone else is just posting the same old shit, and you’re just busting barriers and acing it every time.

  • You, my god, are an absolute creative genius! You are amazing, and ‘inspirational’ is an understatement


  • Big congrats on finishing your exams! You seriously seem to work sososooo hard! These photos are incredible!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  • My god, these pictures are incredible. You always come up with the most original posts. Also, congrats on finishing your exams! Happy Sunday x


  • Sarah

    Your blog content is always of such a high quality – unbelievable! Also, the fact that you take most of the pictures of yourself, by yourself is so interesting and skillful! I really enjoy seeing a new blogpost of you on my Bloglovin’ feed, you’re the most creative of all and take blogging to a new level. Even the lay-out of every blogpost is different, it just shows how much time, effort and perfection you put into it. It just comes across as way more professional and talented than almost any other blog. Keep up the good work, but don’t work too hard ;) X

  • Love this and I hope your exams went well!


  • So beautifully executed!
    Hope your exams went well!


  • TyTanisha L. Zacharie

    I think this shoot is so awesome! I love the look! So, you took some pictures of your own while on this shoot? If I did understand that correctly. That’s dedication! I really like the edit of your photos & the paint job you did on them. How do you edit your photos like this??

    • Jeanie

      She takes pretty much all of her photos on her website with self timer! Looks like she scanned the paint strokes

  • How in the world do you shoot such beautiful portraits by yourself? Also, kudos to Nicola Johnson for the amazing look! Can’t get over how perfectly in position every strand of hair is.

  • Mind-boggling. How do you create this by yourself? Beyond amazing.


  • Nico

    The colors of these shots are incredible!


  • Andres Poiche
  • i am constantly wowed by your photos

  • The creativity behind all of these shots are just outstanding Marg. I am always so motivated by your work. I can’t wait for more posts now that your exams are gone with the winds~ :)
    x, Van

  • Juliet

    Margaret you are so exquisitely beautiful. And the makeup is topnotch of course :) x

  • Absolutely love the shots! Really good photos.


  • You are quite simply, a legend in the making (well on her way). One of THE most amazing creative young people in the world, one of the best bloggers in your field and by far Australia’s best style blogger. You are absolutely brilliant and it has to be said, ridiculously beautiful.

    • I spent some time looking at other blogs after leaving my first comment. So I feel the need to amend/add… you are one of the best bloggers worldwide fullstop. Certainly my top choice.

  • This is so uniquely gorgeous, it’s amazing to think this was styled and shot by one person.


  • Katie Appleyard

    I know what you mean about the digestive system! I’m finishing my PhD and I feel like a zombie at the moment. Gorgeous pics.


  • Yay! I missed you. So good to have you back and great job finishing your exams :)

    Maggie A

  • Irene Laura
  • Nicole Avien

    You are such an inspiration. I wish I knew how to take such amazing self portraits by myself. Keep up with what you’re doing. You’re by far my favourite blogger. Just absolutely inspiring x

  • Elshakrist

    Gorgeous editorial! You are genuinely talented, Margaret! X

    The Mad Shopper’s Dressing Room

    Follow the blog on Bloglovin

  • Wow the photos are incredible. Your photos are always of the highest quality possible. Thats what I like about your blog. So cool that you made the photos yourself. Is is maybe possible that you can show us your tips and techniques for this?



  • Amazing as per usual.


  • Adam

    These photos are absolutely stunning, good job!

  • Carolina de la Torre

    Awesome shoot! love the photos!!! xo


  • Julia Shutenko

    Gorgeous shots!!!


  • I love this shoot! I can definitely see the ties between this and the shoot you did in collaboration with Chris King earlier this year (one of my absolute favourites by the way). It’s sometimes so frustrating to take time away from the internet/blogging for university studies. I often feel as though I could be delegating my time better but in the end, my priorities always centre around my studies which pays off in the long run!! I’m constantly amazed by your dedication to both this blog and your studies!

  • Aditi Mayer

    Oh Margaret– I recently found your blog and I am utterly in love. You write and shoot like a goddess.

    Would love for you to check me out.


  • Absolutely in love with this set of photos! You are so talented!!



  • Stephanie Parker

    WOW! the photos are incredible. Outstanding creativity no words to describe.


  • Beautiful colors! Really love this outfit!


  • Maya Swan

    These are some cool photos and great outfits, very stylish.


    -Maya Swan

  • this is very cool – welcome back to the internet!


  • Amazing and inspiring how you continue to push yourself on all fronts: shooting, styling, modeling, and writing. You are a creative force!

    Nicole Johnson killed it too. I love the graphic eye makeup against the sculpted hair.

  • Natalie

    pat mcgrath is a woman.

  • This is great! I still can’t believe you shoot all of this yourself! awesome x

  • Julia Shutenko

    Amazing post production!


  • This just proves further that you’re a force to be reckoned with! Beautifully done as always.


    Miss Eliza WonDerland

  • Belle melange

    I always love your use of layers and mix of colours and media! it is definitely a style which differentiates you from the rest and makes me prefer your blogs more than others… SO jealous of your skills girl!

  • Babe this shoot is amazing. Looking forward to a “photography tutorial” soon???? ;)

  • Leah

    This is so beautiful!

  • Patricia

    This is just pure perfection. You inspire me

  • Oh my gosh I am in love with your passion, your blog is amazinnngggggg…continue on your journey doll
    Visit my fashion blog: http://www.chaconiaandrelle.wordpress.com

  • Kuchnia Ilony

    WOW. Your photos are amazing. It’s a real art.

  • Equal M_E

    art & creativity

  • John D

    Don’t get carried away by these photos because photoshop also helps in creating dazzling photos.

  • I love those pictures. Really nice shots !

  • neha goyal

    Clothes and pictures are just incredible. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Awesome pictures ! Really nice !


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