C’est parti

A quiet, echoing Louvre to yourself, save a couple of security guards, is a spine-tingling thing. Vive la France.

First and foremost, I’m back. For the first time in a week and a half since leaving for Paris, I have actual access to actual WiFi conducive to giant image files. As much as my Airbnb situation in Paris was awesome in every other way, we did have a couple of connectivity hiccups that found me attempting to upload photos in the Champs-Elysées Starbucks every other night to very little success.

Secondly, I’m back. In Sydney. While the next couple of weeks are going to be a panicked rough and tumble of preparing for exams (because when am I not), a TV series premiere, the ELLE Style Awards (vote Zhang, if you will), racing season (of which I have no real knowledge, but I do intensely enjoy studying the interior design at The Stables in Randwick), and all too many projects in the works and wrapping up, this web space will remain firmly planted à Paris. At least, until 8pm sunsets hit Sydney once more. I have too many highlights from the city of love and its Fashion Week to leave on backlog, so brace yourselves.

As an aside, my Blob (blunt long bob) is also back. Thanks Paloma.

Allez, c’est parti!

Having grown up in a country with an incredibly rich cultural origins, but a comparatively miniscule architectural history, Europe at street level is fascinating. Between its early 1900 eccentricities (think marching your pet cheetahs down La Seine, stark naked under three fur coats – all credit to Marchesa Casati), and the city’s Golden Hollywood sensationalism, Paris has come to be the most enrapturing place to be so inspired by what humans were capable of building that you end up light-headed. The number of times I’ve asked strangers about some intricately carved building of every column, scroll, gargoyle and filigree iron trimming Disney could imagine, only to receive a dismissive c’est rien – probablement des appartements in return, amazes me. Ironically, with economics and material resources aside, it would seem that we’ve become almost incapable of creating structures quite as magically detailed. And for that, I’m glad that the likes of musée du Louvre and Hôtel de Ville have remained well-maintained and artistic sanctuaries amongst the chaos of a modern city.




I will admit that I’ve never been inside Louvre. Somehow, there’s never been a good time (and I’d imagine, there never will be, given that most of my time in Paris is work-related and, unfortunately, one does not simply pop into the Louvre between meetings – can somebody please enlighten me as to the rumoured side entrance, without any lines in the dead of Winter?). But, until I do make it through the doors detouring through its square as soon as sunlight comes over its eaves, and biking through sunset over those glass pyramids, is quite enough for me – and you can pass on my regards to the Mona Lisa.

On this particular Sunday morning, en route to the Chloé show, the French were asleep, of course, and the tourists had been told by Trip Advisor that the French were asleep, and so there was nothing to see.

A quiet, echoing Louvre to yourself, save a couple of security guards, is a spine-tingling thing.

Make it a priority. Vive la France.

Bec & Bridge Top and Skirt

PAUL & ALICE Trench Coat

Michael Lo Sordo Trousers

SENSO Talulah Boots

Prada Sunglasses

shot by Quan Mai on Nikon D600 and 85mm lensedit by Margaret Zhang

  • Alya

    Stunning as always. You look just like a local Parisienne. xx


  • geirth

    love the Lourve shots! You look so gorgeous xx


  • shez lee

    If you wander away from the glass pyramid and down into the basement level of the louvre, via an escalator if I remember right, there are ticket machines that take both cash and credit card and have no lines even in the height of spring. We stumbled upon them whilst looking for a bathroom three or so years ago and saved ourselves a good hour or two in line that we used to stare at statues x

  • Laura Lama F.

    Amaaaazing photos! You look beautiful


  • Avanti

    Love your outfit and the exceptional photography and editing. Looking forward to all your upcoming projects and posts!
    Welcome back to the world of the internet.


  • Eerika

    Loooove the top !!!

  • You are so so incredibly good at layering! I think it can be so hard to do, but you never get it wrong! Love this look!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  • Julia Shutenko

    Stunning again! Everything from the detailing on the dress to your poses and photography!


  • These photos are amazing! It was such a pleasure seeing you here in Paris!


  • Feyi A

    lovely! x

  • how are you always so tan?!

  • Sorry about the Internet! I always enjoy your looks.


  • Amazing pics, love the Blob! C x


  • Love this post!
    Ah Margaret you’re always so incredibly busy. I hope you get through whatever it is you need to get done.
    Can I ask you, how do you usually edit your photos? They’re always stunning!

    xx Cheyenne

    • Hey Cheyenne! I usually use Lightroom to increase contract and adjust light! X

  • Beautiful photos! I totally love all of them!




  • Irene Laura

    omg..! love your blog!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this top and skirt! Amazing. These photos are amazing too.


  • Alice Goldie

    such beautiful photos! X


  • Wow, incredibly busy but still so fashionable, how do you manage! Looking beautiful! <3


  • Happy to see a new a post! I always love your photographs! xo


  • Kate

    There’s an entrance along the Seine flanked by stone lions which leads you to the area with the glass pyramid, but as you walk through there are glass doors on your right and you can enter the louvre from there, but you need a ticket

    • Bernadette Williams

      OMG THANK YOU – Imma be in Paris in two weeks so will look for this

  • Amazing post, outfit, pictures :)

  • Vanessa

    you’ve gotten a bit chubby in the face – time to diet!

    • dahlia o’neill

      are you deranged? Pretty sure if Margaret lost any weight she’d disappear! She’s tiny!

    • Amber

      This comment is pathetic, jealousy is a lousy advisor.

  • Really lovely shots, and your posts are always so intriguing to read. I envy your schedule and wish I can be as productively as you. All the best!


    Check out my street style here! –> http://xincerely.blogspot.com

  • Such an incredible post. Beautiful pictures and words!

  • Hey Margaret! I just stumbled upon this awesome British label (http://www.houseofsunny.com) and all I could think of while looking through their products was how they reminded me so much of your style, so I thought I’d send you a link in case you haven’t already seen them!

    Ps, love the pictures, if you ever get a chance you should go inside the Louvre, the architecture inside is just as stunning as outside.

    XO Greta | flourish-blog.blogspot.com

    • Thanks for the heads up on House of Sunny! Thanks for the heads up – love the layered grey.

  • Rima Tambunan

    everything in this post is really interesting.


  • jas

    i absolutely love that trench coat! stunning photos.

    reckless abandon

  • Elshakrist

    Great top! I love your hair chop btw <3 xx

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  • Caitlin
  • whoaa this is a bit epic


  • Amanda Chan

    Paris looks stunning. Beautiful photos by Quian Mai as well! And although I’ll always side with Australia in most things, I have to agree with you on the wealth of architecture eye candy Europe holds – I hope to one day wander along the cobblestones of Paris! It will be an amazing experience.


  • Maya Swan

    Your blog layout is great! And cool clothes as always.


    -Maya Swan

  • Absolutely breathtaking. I love the layout as you scroll with images of the Louvre


  • Love this post….and your style is amazing. Please drop by my blog since you love Bali, I am from Indonesia. http://www.batikantik.com

  • Sophia

    When I was in Paris for the 2nd time I went there, and I believe we had some sort of “fastpass”-ticket or something we got at our hotel, and we could also skip the line, because I don’t remember waiting or anything. Maybe the experience was overwhelming enough to draw it out, but I don’t think that’s highly likely, haha.
    I have to say though, I don’t really know how to feel about the Mona Lisa. I thought she looked very fragile; so very small, with probably hundreds of tourists standing in front of her taking pictures without end. I felt kind of bad for her somehow. Maybe it’s my weird attachment to inanimate objects. The rest of the museum was very very beautiful though, so you’d have to check it out! I hope you find the time someday, or make some time someday.
    Have a nice day :)

    • I’ve never really checked online booking situations… maybe I should take a look at that. Mona Lisa would be such an iconic moment as long as there aren’t heaving crowds around her!

  • Bunmi Afuye

    this is so gorgeous. i love how the building compliments your outfit. beautiful shot!


  • Amanda

    I love how the color pallets of your post are so nice to look at! Once again another stunning post!


  • Yes the side entrance is the way to go! Although even though I skipped the lines the amount of people inside was still too much to handle. I love this Bec and Bridge combo!


  • Love the Bec & Bridge!
    I bought my ticket in the underground station, from a tiny shop that sells stamps, souvenirs etc. No line, and I walked straight on in. Tucking my ticket into my jeans pocket was the mistake later, when it fell out and I couldn’t go from one section to the other.
    Not bothered (I had seen enough) I wandered out into the gardens to grab food and paint on a perk bench. Couldn’t have been a better morning.

    Looking forward to the show, you are such a time management wizz kid! xx Jenelle

  • I love your style and the personal voice behind your posts. http://iwanthatwholelook.blogspot.com

  • Ajnira Muminovic

    I love love love you!!

    So far the most interesting blogger I stumbled upon :)))))

  • Jil Diamante

    Love the shottts!!



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