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From all of my recent onstage rants in support of youth (thanks to the blindly trusting adults who allowed me to do so) . I must say, though, since writing this piece, the latter and less favourable “but” against today’s youth potential has been significantly diminished by both BREXIT (as much as rural UK’s shortsighted racism isn’t the fault of all youth, America let that disaster be a warning to you on the uniting power of hatred in Trump), and the past week’s social WTF’s of Pokémon Go (I say this in half-jest). All the same, I will continue to champion my generation of the cutting edge until we all have babies, lose our capacity to tolerate the idiocy of the adult world, and retreat into parenthood to retain our sanity.

Jokes. Join the revolution.


words by Margaret Zhang

Youth have somehow always ended up on the right side of history – if only in retrospect. Time and time again, fresh eyes and fearless minds discredit the cynical institution’s blind antagonism of change. Idealistic? Of course. Impractical? Perhaps. But never impracticable. The expansion of that Judy Blume young adult chapter between childhood and adulthood prompted the emergence of a distinctive youth culture via radical student movements of the 50s and 60s – too opinionated to succumb to authority, yet footloose to adult responsibility and certainly defiant to the mandates of parents, universities, governments, The System. Paradigm shift after shift, youth at their best have continued to perceive and drive conversation around fundamental injustices to visible minority groups. At the very least, they have defined monumental leaps in style, art, film and music.

No mean feat.

Yet, each generation eventually grows into a prescribed mentality of what capitalism calls “success” and “security”, and erases rebellion, blind passion, and



furious ambition from their pragmatic everyday. In the absence of true innovation, they seek to impose their newfound norm on their children. Humans are creatures of habit, after all.

And so, we arrive in 2016. Social norms and attitudes are slowly but surely approaching universality. Certainly, justice and equality have decades of progress yet to transpire, however varying proportions of society do acknowledge these as problems. The adult world finds itself in a strange time where information is the more dominant, more valuable and yet the more immediately obtainable currency than decades of nine-to-five billable hours. Youth, the presumptively insatiable consumer of goods, media, and money, is starved of relevant product stimulus and substance within their vernacular. Publication after publication, product after product, impose out-dated values on what they think the 18-to-25 year old female or “21-to-30 year old male “needs” and “wants”, without once consulting the very minds they attempt in vain to capture. Such efforts inevitably fail, and live out their days ignoring sunk costs and manufacturing “engagement” data by syndicating content of listicles and Kardashians that will be sure to generate clicks this afternoon – we’ll worry about next year later. As such, the greatest product and media success stories are born of their own: the 30 Under 30, the student body, and for a time, the Silicon Valley. So many twenty-somethings’ value is not in the copy room, at the beck and call of their superiors, blinded by self-serving corporate structures, but rather in the boardroom, out of what society defines as their comfort zone, challenging archaic frameworks. The tables of authority have turned.


And yet, as always, it’s a double-edged sword.


Infinite access does not imply knowledge. Education, in pop culture, has somehow diminished in value in the lifecycle of a career. For many, this means opportunity in the face of social inequality – and of course, the underdog and




But perhaps, this is not a new phenomenon. Perhaps mothers of every generation have despaired amongst themselves at the uncouth youth they have reared. Did we fail? Why won’t they listen? What do they know? Perhaps it is to be that for every jolting and progressive change to the ecosystem, there must be some encumbering equaliser to keep us in the eternal cycle of two steps forward and one step back. Perhaps it’s just a rite of passage.

You decide.







  • Montana Purchase

    wow, i have to say your words amaze me!

  • Awesome outfits! They look so comfy but stylish!

    Don’t miss today my outfit with off the shoulder guipure top…and very special accessories like the IM sandals!! ;)
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  • Beautiful photos! :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • Beautiful photos Margaret as always. Love the outfits as well! The 2nd to the last photo is so pretty! <3

  • Love the photos Margaret! You’re such an inspiration!

  • Haley

    but most of our youth decided to remain ‘in’ …. it was the elders that wished to opt out Margaret

    • My point is that while youth is definitely not to be blamed for older generations’ myopia, despite youth’s efforts their impact was limited.

  • Love the photographs as always!


  • ““Want it now” cannot apply to gaining the respect of their community and peers, or their career trajectory. The most revolutionary ideas and attitudes will remain unrealised and nebulous without hard work. In that regard, there really is no overnight secret to success – indeed, there is no overnight success at all.” So true Margaret. Love your words and thank you for being an inspiration for the younger generation.

  • Lovey Fleming

    Love this stunning revelation. Congrats on your feature!

    New Summer Lookbook on my blog! <3

  • Malu

    I just have to say that I am obsessed with all of your posts! Your photos are so breathtaking and your wardrobe is crazy! You do such a great job styling yourself that you don’t even need anybody to do it for you. My favorite has to be the pinstripe look and the way you layered it. I thought adding a pair of trousers underneath and a tube top over your button down was dope. I will definitely have to try that once winter comes around because its too hot in AZ to do that lol. Anyway, I always look forward to your posts, so keep up the great work!

  • Martina Manolcheva

    These pictures are so lovely! Inspiring post!

  • Alfredo Ciano

    Style of a Dark Princess…

  • Your writing is absolutely flawless. And I’m in awe about how you take all of your photos by yourself. You are my role model and I hope that I become like you one day.

  • fixatedfaiyaz

    agree with every single thing you’ve said. adults don’t take us seriously enough and we take ourselves too seriously. gotta find that right balance.

    xx Faiyaz

  • Marta Sierra Marti

    Flawless photography Margaret! Totally agree with your words <3


  • beautifully curated as usual xoxo

  • Stephanie
  • Revolution joined.


  • Love the pink outfit! Beautiful photos too! :)

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  • Pauline Anne S. Javellana

    I was just wondering where the name shinebythree came from? Loving the posts recenlty <3

  • Love your Blog it has to be my favorite so far. Love how you mix fashion style with current events, and your speak and express your being. Keep up the great work.. Go YOU!

  • neha goyal

    This blog contains awesome collection of pictures.


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