Red Herring

When the going gets tough, make like Rita Ora and paint it red.


Wednesday is not a good day around this time of year. Exams are looming, the industry is scrambling, inboxes are frantic, and nobody in the library is in anything close to a good mood – and let me tell you, Bitchy Resting Face is contagious (as evidenced above). Coupled with all round 2014 exhaustion, the big picture (née eyebag situation) isn’t looking terribly pretty – the takeaway being that when you want time to both pass faster to get the next few weeks over and done with and to slow the hell down because you have too much coursework to etch into your brains, it’s time to consider running away to Bali. Again.

If my Tumblr questions and emails from fellow battlers out there are anything to go by, a lot of you are also throwing loose-leaf semester notes around your room to the sweet sounds of Sam Smith. Following that, you have also been asking what I wear to the library – a very different question to what to wear to Uni, mind you (we’ve already been through that). Study attire must be specifically constructed for increasing prolonged efficiency of cramming without falling too far into normcore (loosely translated, here, to falling asleep at your desk). I’m talking nine til nine in the library a fifteen break every two hours, and a half hour for lunch, without pyjamas or UGG boots.

Alors. My STUVAC uniform.

During first year, I would wear stilettos while studying to trick my body into thinking that I was going somewhere ergo staying alert. It took me three semesters to realise that slightly cold feet were the operating factor, so while I have never wholly appreciated the Birk trend, STUVAC is the time, and they’d better be croc-embossed. Tailored, but pliable, trousers work to the same effect. Your coat should be (imperatively) reminiscent of Jon Snow, because regardless of the bikini weather outside, we all know that the Law Library is consistently dark and below freezing. Should you not possess any such manly, all-encompassing glory, buy a Snuggie. Alternating between having the coat draped across the shoulders, completely cocooned and not on at all will keep you alert in the same way that making sure you don’t get lipstick on your teeth will. Choice of lipstick should range between Rita Ora and Lorde for maximum embarrassment impact

should you head-desk at any point. For bonus points, solid lip game distracts from the fact that one’s hair has not seen a brush in weeks, and that the rest of this look is ridiculous on examination (particularly if that Snuggie substitution was required). Keep it together, girl. Am I going to be the most militant mum, or what?

And finally, no bras allowed. Non-negotiable. The constricting sensation of ill-fitting bra straps and under-wires is too often mistaken for impending doom to be worth your while.

Happy nerding!

Disclaimer: the motive of this post is to let you know that I may or may not go MIA every few days until my exams are done, but Fashion Bloggers is still on every Wednesday at 8:30PM on Style Network and 9PM on E! Asia, so you shouldn’t miss me too much.

MAX&CO Robe Coat and Skinny Trousers (✆ 02 9369 4480)

Cameo Chilli Tank

SENSO Ida X Sandals

Wanderlust + Co and LUV AJ Rings

RIMMEL London Colour Rush Balm ‘On Fire’

shot on Nikon D600 and 85mm lens

  • Vanessa

    HAHAHA this is such a cute post. Made me laugh out loud IN the library, but so worth it.

  • Terrier98

    you look great in red lipstick margaret – somehow you make it look so laid back and not try-hard-y!? Teach us please!

  • Cecile

    I LOVE this you’re such a funny writer. And I don’t think the outfit looks ridiculous at all – even if the coat is VERY Jon snow. Can’t wait to watch your show tonight – 15 minutes to go!

  • Marin

    You look great as always! I love that glow on your skin. Is it natural? Or is it make-up? Or is it some kind of Photoshop filter? If it’s some beauty product that you use to get that glowing skin, please, share it with us! It’s amazing!!!

    • Fiona Lee

      I saw margaret in real life last week and it’s natural and SO mesmerizing….

    • Alex

      I know Margaret swears by coconut oil and it makes my skin have a lot more of a glow (not Margaret level but you know)

  • After the hell that is USyd exam season, you should do a blogpost dedicated solely to coats and jackets!

  • good luck with exams! I’m having so much trouble finding motivation to concentrate!
    Best of luck

  • Good luck with your tests! Cold feet sounds like the answer. I probably dressed too comfy while studying and I was always sleepy.

  • Looking great in red lips<3

  • Avanti

    I love the outfit you are wearing and the pop of red lipstick.
    All the best for your exams!


  • Spot on with library-wear. Loose, light, but warm. Love how lax yet bold this outfit is. Best of luck with your exams!

    x, Ally | Aye, Sir! Ally

  • This coat!! And the red lips are great.

  • Totally in love with the red wall and your make up! Stunning!

  • How do you do it all!?

    Well done!

    and good luck in exams

  • This time of the year, exam time is horrible. And bitchy resting face totally are courageous as are the grumpy face when someone types too loud on their computer.
    I’d totally wear what you’re wearing in these photos for my library session tomorrow, looks like an outfit to be comfortable in the entire day.
    This red background totally rocks!

    xx Cheyenne

  • Amazing coat

  • aini

    Well your lipstick really does all the talking. nailed it Marg!

  • Amanda

    Hells yes to this STUVAC uniform! I love all the precautions you took with the red lippy, the stilettos attempt in first year and the Jon Snow-esque coat. I myself am most certainly dying under a pile of assignments and trying to keep Spotify’s radio on repeat to keep me alert. Good luck to you and the rest of us doing exams/assignments. Summer holidays will be a magical time x

    • The original SIMS soundtrack is actually the best study soundtrack! Look up ‘Under Construction’ on Spotify – the best! X

  • Jenna Isaacman

    Effortless Chic! Loving the red wall and lips, you are gorgeous! Good Luck

  • LOVE this shoot. The reds are so vibrant. Amazing


  • ann

    I think I saw this model earlier on the SATCH SALE! was she really the one I saw? oh, well, she looked nice and the items on sale at satch. pretty!

  • Charmaine

    Love Love Love the colours.

  • Love the colour and the outfit! By the way, I am just curious, who takes the photo for you? They are amazing!


    • Vincent

      She shoots herself on self timer

      • Oh thanks for answering! Thats really amazing! But thats a lot of things to carry around too. hahah


  • Vanessa Escoté

    Love your style Margaret!

  • Jasmine B

    As always, very well written and on point with the fashion.

    Quick question (for anyone): how does one watch Fashion Bloggers when in the UK?

    Jasmine xx

  • Fashion Sans Fortune

    Always so stylish!

  • Rough Dreams

    Your use of colours & textures is so beautiful. Here-here! to Wednesday blues,
    I sometimes think the whole month of November is like one big Wednesday. x

  • Carrie

    I have to say your skin is absolutely glowing! (First thing I noticed.) Love your style of course!

  • The red is SUPERB on you.

  • Irene Laura
  • Lauren

    So sad the max & co coat is like a grand… sigh…

  • Rosita

    Love the look.!Started watching FASHION BLOGGERS,the first episode is making look forward to the next on.Thumbs up to you all at what you are doing.Inspirational and motivating for me as am new to blogging.Best of luck on your exams.!!!

  • Valentina Fantini

    I really like this look! you are very beautiful!
    would you like to follow each other?

    Instagram: @mybluesjeans87
    MyBlueJeans – Facebook
    MyBlueJeans – Blog

  • Victoria Phillips

    Haha! the joys of the Law Library…we have all been there…

  • The red wall, your glowing skin.. perfection!

  • Leah

    You look beautiful, as always…

  • Oh how I love these photos. Your lipstick matching to the red wall looks so stunning. I really start loving your blog.

  • Casey Shteamer

    Can we watch your show in the US? Please say yes!


  • chloe

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    Street and William Streets) TG14, Ground level Goldsbrough Lane, CBD
    Melbourne! Come now. Offer good on limited time and until supplies last.
    Checked it…really nice :) you should too!

  • joy

    POP UP SALE of SATCH Shop @ CBW! (corner of Bourke Street and William
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