How To: Los Angeles in a Day

While I’ve been to Los Angeles quite a few times, this was the first time since Uber came into existence. Prior to that, 17-year-old Margaret had thought it ordinary to walk, bus and train the mammoth blocks of the City of Angels. Years later, shock-horrored friends would insist that this was not the way to do LA.

While I’ve been to Los Angeles quite a few times, this was the first time since Uber came into existence. Prior to that, 17-year-old Margaret had thought it ordinary to walk, bus and train the mammoth blocks of the City of Angels. Years later, shock-horrored friends would insist that this was not the way to do LA. Armed with Jayne‘s list of Holy Grails, Alex and I reattempted to fall in love with the place.

Let’s call it a success story.

And few extra pounds on the bathroom scales.

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Photo 15-07-2014 11 13 39 pm

7:00 AM: Now, what the hell would Los Angeles be without smoothies, egg-white omelettes, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free…? Run wild at Wholefoods and embrace the cliché. Otherwise, there are plenty of places that do delivery breakfast (a concept foreign to Australians) – our go-to with the shortest delivery time to our apartment was Mocafe.

8:00 AM: Lounge in the LA-ness of your apartment. I’ve noticed that Airbnb hosts in Los Angeles allocate a lot more time towards making their humble abodes look like the stuff of Tumblr dreams. It really makes you reconsider the state of your own homely affairs, over a latte and a grilled grapefruit. This West Hollywood gem couldn’t have been cuter.

Photo 18-07-2014 1 15 12 am

Photo 16-07-2014 12 28 52 am

Photo 17-07-2014 1 38 53 am

Photo 15-07-2014 3 14 47 am

9:00 AM: Stop by Citizens of Humanity’s jaw-dropping showroom space. Like the Angelites’ homes, LA native brands go above and beyond the functionality of a showroom when it comes to communicating their lifestyle. If my someday apartment ends up looking anything like these terribly chic meeting settings, I’ll be a happy woman.

10:00 AM: Play tag in Chris Burden’s Urban Light installation at LACMA, and get yelled at by security for attempting a Singing in the Rain rendition. Worth it. Meanwhile, the John Altoon and French and German Expressionism exhibits are captivating, and highly recommended while they’re still up.

Photo 16-07-2014 3 57 48 am

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Photo 17-07-2014 12 23 29 am

Photo 17-07-2014 7 43 41 am

12:00 PM: LA has the longest all-day-everything menus I’ve ever seen – be sure to chow at Real Food Daily (West Hollywood), Urth Cafe (Arts District), dessert at MILK (West Hollywood), Gjelina (Abbot Kinney) and a competitive soy chai latte to finish at Intelligentsia Coffee (Silverlake). On weekends, try the farmers’ market at The Grove, and stalk interesting-looking people in Barnes & Noble.

1:00 PM: Sit in as much traffic as is required to get to a promenade by the sea (Venice and Santa Monica are an order). I still struggle to get my head around how stupidly long, wide and straight these LA beaches are compared to our humble Bondis and Brontes. Indulge in frozen yoghurt, Baywatch-themed Instagrams, and being that annoying tourist on the Muscle Beach equipment when tanks are legitimately trying to work out. God. Stop ruining everything.

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2:00 PM: Make the drive up to Malibu. The Uber costs a mint, but feeling like Charlie Sheen is worth the awkward car talk on the way up. If you haven’t managed to snag a good Airbnb or buddy’s party on the waterfront, make-believe that the Getty Villa is your home on the way up, then loiter at Malibu Country Mart on arrival. If you are with your sisters from another mister at Revolve, get too much sun, too much sea, too many donuts, and a bit of work in between.

Photo 18-07-2014 6 07 14 am

Photo 18-07-2014 3 33 09 am

Photo 15-07-2014 10 59 03 am

Photo 17-07-2014 10 54 33 am

5:00 PM: Spend the rest of your afternoon in Downtown Los Angeles – by far my favourite area, perhaps for its similarities to New York. The main intersection you want to hit is South Broadway and West 9th Street – your hit-list is as follow:

  • Acne store and its adjoining café with friendly Swedes and great iced tea
  • Umami Burger – Alex claimed that the Ahi Tuna burger was the best thing he’s ever tasted
  • OAK NYC store – a great selection ranging from Scandi-minimal wear all the way through to irridescent flatforms. Mostly black-and-white and muted, with the raddest retail staff that ever did rad
  • Nails on 9th is legitimately the best mani-pedi I’ve ever had
  • Urban Outfitters – unlike New York (where UO stores are pretty much the same), LA stores vary quite significantly in their interior design and product selection. Of all of the menswear sections I uprooted, the South Broadway store was definitely the most impressive

8:00 PM: Wind up and wind down at the Ace Hotel’s rooftop bar – brunch is also allegedly excellent here. Sunset over downtown is magical.

9:00 PM: Late-night treat run to Bottega Louie and second dinner if you have the guts for it. This place impressed me with its high-ceilings and huge marble everythings (I’m so baffled by how much horizontal space there is in Los Angeles). Try and eat with at least four people, so you can sample as many little pieces of their excellent menu as possible.

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  • Em

    Couldn’t stop scrolling back up to that showroom pic – amazing.
    Would love to see a space designed by you! No doubt your decor tastes are as stellar as your fashion choices. x

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    This is what I’d call a productive day. Food, amazing views, astonishing buildings, chic stores, food, food and more food !

  • Avanti

    Love your ‘How to do LA in a Day’ piece. Love the way you wrote it and love all the snaps. Haven’t been to LA before but if I find myself there with 24 hours, I’ll definitely know what to do.


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    Love this post, especially the pictures!

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    You got a great instagram feed– got me visiting your blog platform more often for inspiration both in style and photography! You’ve taken great photos and have great photographers around you! And thats something I’m looking for too!


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    Really well done post. I do love these “Visit in a Day” posts. However, honestly this would completely deplete my bank account. The free art and beach would be what I would hit (Acne, um I would be kicked out for loitering!).

  • Awesome pics!!!
    Have a gorgous Saturday night!

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  • Katie Doherty

    I live in the LA area and need to explore some of these suggestions. Such top notch writing and photographs. LOVE <3

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    Them photooooos!!! Love it!!

  • Going to LA in a week’s time and this has got me so incredibly excited! Can’t wait to tick a ton of these hotspots off my list!

    Jasmine x


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