Palm Beach Altar

Dad and I are both overseas this Father’s Day coming up, so we celebrated a little early over the weekend.

Dad and I are both overseas this Father’s Day coming up, so we celebrated a little early over the weekend – obviously Palm Beach Collection candles were a scented centre piece (Dad admitted that the Blood Orange one sparked a craving for blood orange and poppy seed cake). Now that he’s off gallivanting in Asia, I’ve sneakily taken over this little herd of homegrown wax and dispersed them among my favourite bits and pieces of the week:

  1. Chanel No. 5: I was given this amber beauty for my 18th birthday – coming of age apparently equates to mature fragrances… but obviously I haven’t yet popped the bottle for use at all. I’ll probably wait till I’m 30.
  2. Ring bling: a friend once commented on my interesting range of jewellery (probably referring to price points). When you you look at them under one light though, you don’t really draw any distinction between tier of brands. My favourite Diva incognito moustache rings and ASOS bands do just as well as my Meadowlark kitten and Low Luv. I did lose one of the ASOS ones over the weekend though, so I promptly bought another set for $10. Seriously.
  3. Battle of Cs: Chanel strikes again. Céline is competition. Palm Beach Collection remains awesome

Earlier this morning, the candles were better friends with rose gold, a starfish and a skull:

  1. Rosy cheeks: Diva did a fantastic job of a rose gold bangle – alongside Samantha Wills and 8 Other Reasons (seriously can’t believe this necklace is only $30), you wouldn’t even know.
  2. Gold star for you: the same Diva bangle, but in gold with a star. I feel like I’ve achieved something all day long…
  3. Come at me: Claire is impossibly sweet and sent this deadly ring of sparkle my way – keep an eye out on her site!

What did you guys get up to this weekend? I’m struggling to come to terms with how fast the hours tick over, even without a sleep-in. Earlier mornings and longer nights it is, to get all the work done!



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Margaret Zhang 章凝 is an Australian-born-Chinese director, photographer, consultant and writer based between New York and Shanghai. Since establishing her website in 2009, Margaret has gone on to work with global brands including CHANEL, UNIQLO, Swarovski, YEEZY, Bulgari, Gucci, MATCHES, Under Armour, and Louis Vuitton in a wide range of capacities both in front of and behind the camera, while completing her Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws at The University of Sydney. Margaret’s directing, photography, and styling has been employed by the likes of VOGUE, L’Officiel, Harper’s BAZAAR, NYLON, Marie Claire, GRAZIA and ELLE internationally. She has been listed in Forbes Asia’s 30Under30 and TimeOut’s 40Under40, and her work has been recognized as shaping the international fashion industry by the Business of Fashion BoF500 Index for the past four consecutive years. She went on to be the first Asian face to cover ELLE Australia. In 2016, she co-founded BACKGROUND, a global consultancy for which she specialises in Western-to-Chinese and Chinese-to-Western cultural bridging for a range of luxury, lifestyle, and brand initiatives. In 2017, she exhibited a series of 39 unseen photographic works as a solo show in Sydney, and premiered her first short film – a 15-minute exploration of her visceral relationship with classical music on both performance and abstract planes – to critical acclaim.

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